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Hi, I'm Pierce.
I enjoy complaining about everything. But enough about that. I also enjoy helping produce videos for a comedy group (a pretty l337 sketch c0medy group) with two of my friends, under the channel "Pudson." Within the Pudson videos, there are influences by Mega64, HAWP and Tim and Eric (well, I would like to think so).
Other than working on videos, I do some freelance graphic design work and love to play video games.
Ever since my first game, Wario Land, I have been hooked. Sadly, at the time of the "classics," such as the Final fantasy games, I was too young and tender for most games. So Wario stuck with me for years, until I emerged from my cavern of ignorance and turned my eyes to the welcoming light of Pokemon Blue. From that moment forward, I Became obssesed with games.
Currently my top five (least to greatest) games list is:
1.) MGS2
2.) Infamous
3.) MGS1
4.) MGS4
5.) MGS3
(As you might of guessed, I like Metal Gear Solid.)

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Family friendly games line the shelves of every EB GAMES. No matter where you turn your head, Kinectimals follows you as if it were the Mona Lisa. You've already played the three good titles on the Wii, twice, and now there is nowhere left to run. Has the world gone mad? The god-of-gaming is surely either dead or nonexistent. But while some gamers may believe that motion controls are ruining the industry, I believe that is not the case.

Much like 3D let film makers make annoying objects pop out at you, motion controls let developers use stupid gimmicks. But in the past couple of years, 3D has been used for more than just annoying effects. In fact, Toy Story 3 was a great example. The film was made to be a good film, and then 3D was used to add Johnny Depth. Toy Story 3 was a great movie, and 3D was used as a tool, not a "selling point." On the other end of the spectrum, there is Shrek 4D. This short film, if I may, was designed to be in 3D and because of that, the 3D is forced down the movies gullet. The same pattern, as far as I can tell, is happening with motion controls.

Games such as Uncharted 2 and Killzone 3 are like the Toy Story 3's, while games similar to Kinect Adventures is the Shrek 4D. In Uncharted 2 the player has the option to throw grenades by tilting the PS3 controller back and forth, while in Killzone 3 the player uses the controls to spin wheels, magically opening new areas. These games were made to be games first, and then motion controls were added. The controls give the game an extra area of depth. On the other hand, it seems games such as Kinect Adventures are made to be motion controls first, and then the game was added to give the controls depth.

So in the end, I dont think the controls are a fad, nor should they be. Eventually, I believe more and more developers will take advantage of the great new tools that motion controls offer. Like in film, or any other field, the mediocre will always exist. The good movies are what make the mediocre forgivable. Once developers stop designing games around a tool, then the games will start to get better.