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Piellar's blog

3:54 PM on 12.10.2009

Three improvements I’d like to see in Dragon Age : Sequel

Earlier this week, I experienced a series of wonderful nerdgasms as I reached Dragon Age: Origins’ climax and ending. A tough tie for my favourite game of 2009 with Demon’s Souls, Bioware has once again proven it can tell s...   read

1:50 PM on 10.21.2009

Demon's Souls: A Love Affair

In the recent months, my patience has been wearing out. Other PS3 owners certainly must have felt it… “I bought a Sony console, where the hell are my new high-quality role-playing games?!” Yes, I’ve played through the wonder...   read

11:12 AM on 11.23.2008

Fallout 3 scenario disappointments

WARNING: Huge storyline spoilers ahead! Many good things have been said of Bethesda's latest gem amongst RPGs, Fallout 3, and indeed the game delivers with an immersive world, an improved character growth system and the wel...   read

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