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11:52 AM on 07.10.2010

Alternate Reality: Pink Afro

“It’s time to wake up Commander Shepard” said the AI
Soft Music played as Commander Sheppard half-awake, rose from his bed. He walked still half-awake to his bathroom, lights coming on as he entered. Putting his head into the bowl he splashed water over his face, looking up he saw his face in the reflection of the mirror. His face was deformed with scars, tattoos, sideburns and eyes so bulged out it didn’t seem scientifically possible. Same went for his jaw; it stuck out like he had pebbles in his mouth. His nose was so small he wondered how he even smelt and for his hair, he had a pink afro. Sheppard groaned as he saw he’s hellish face for the umpteenth time in a row.

Commander Sheppard is a video game character, with no control over what he looks like, what he chooses to do and who and what he likes. He’s controlled over the Player, who this time for a lack of a better word, is a douche bag. The only thing Sheppard can do is think, this is what Commander Sheppard thinks on a day to day basis.

"Sigh, another day of toture"
Commander Sheppard got dressed and walked out the door to the bridge, on the way he went through numerous lift rides and bumped himself on the side of a table.
“Nice going jackass”
Eventually Sheppard arrived albeit a hurt left leg.
“Ah Sheppard we’ve been waiting for you” said Captain Anderson
The familiar conversation wheel appeared displaying three options the Player could choose to what Sheppard says next. The options were.
1. I do apologise crew, I was too busy baking you all chocolate chip cookies.
2. I do apologize, do continue.
3. I’m Commander Shepard I decide when I show up.
In no surprise to Sheppard the Player picked option 3.
“I don’t have to be here on time, I’m Commander Shepard, show me some fucking respect” Sheppard shouted
“Who would say something like that? That’s such a dick thing to say”
“I’m sorry Commander your right; I should give you more respect” Said Captain Anderson
“Don’t say that! Stand up for yourself!”
“Yeah you should, that goes for all of you”
All the crew bowed there heads all looking in different directions, ashamed.
“As I was saying, we’ve picked up a distress beacon from a planet nearby, it could be a trap but we can’t ignore it”
“We just need you Commander, to choose a team so we can get down there with the and see what’s happened”
Another selection box appeared
Sheppard’s crew appeared, Tali, Garrus. Kaiden, Ashley, Liara and Wrex were all present. There Biotic, Combat, Tech abilities all were displayed too.
“He should pick a variety of characters but I highly doubt that he will”
Ashley and Liara were picked.
“Sigh, predictable. He or she picked the two hottest girls, who am I kidding I’m being controlled by a he, I’m not sure a girl would pick an all female crew and give me a pink afro”

The next moment they were in the Mako speeding towards the beacon on a snowy planet with various mountains, this made it a tad harder for the player.
“Look just go around it, no don’t fire missiles at it you idiot, look now were upside down”
Eventually they got to the beacon, what they found were dead bodies laying on the ground, bullet holes through there head, blood everywhere.
“Oh god that’s horrible”
They were obviously scientist, a patch on there fore arm where there stripped Omni Tool used to be gave it away, there also laid two presumably soldiers with bullets through there chest.
The Mako pulled up, the site consisted of two long caverns made for living quarters and for work, the dig site was about 100 metres wide and the same in length, the caverns were either side of the dig site. The dig site consisted of sand but it wasn’t the normal golden sand you find at beaches, it was blood red sand with rocks the size of baseballs, it was something Sheppard had never seen before. Sheppard walked over to the dead bodies to what he assumed was to inspect them for clues who or what did this. Apparently the player didn’t have that mind and instead begun tea bagging the corpses for about 5 minutes.
“Oh come on! That’s just sick!”
The crew members didn’t even flinch, Shepard was used to that. So stood there was Commander Shepard, savour of the galaxy tea bagging a mutilated corpse……. with a pink afro. Eventually Geth appeared which made the player stop crouching up and down and take cover and shoot.
“Wow what a surprise this was a trap all along, Jesus you would have thought we might have looked over the site from the safety of the Normandy. But no let’s walk into an ambush”

5 Geth appeared, the first two were dealt with ease with a combination of Biotics and Assault Rifles, the second two were dealt with similar fashion. The last, a Krogan was dealt with not so much ease. Sheppard ordered his crew to flank the Krogan while he gave suppressing fire and tried to take down its shield. Sheppard had to give it to unknown player he was good in a fight; the heavily armoured Krogan went down in an instant.
“Enemies! Coming up behind us!” Shouted Ashley
Sheppard spun around to see nothing for a good 10 seconds before Geth appeared. They were dealt with in a familiar fashion as there comrades. But one Geth was left and Shepard hadn’t much health left. He was out in the open when one Geth popped out of cover. Instantly everything stopped and Commander Sheppard was forced to look right into the eyes of the shotgun wielding Geth.
“Well I could think of better time to pause the game”
10 minutes passed
“You know we may be on the pinnacle of the human race with spaceships and what not, but as humans we still itch”
Another 10 minutes passed
“Nose…. So itchy……..may kill self……..somehow”
Everything sprang to live in an instant and then everything went black for Commander Sheppard.

But this is not the end of Commander Sheppard, for he still feels pain but you know…. Checkpoints.
“Owe that hurt, you know you probably should have been ready for that, you know the whole pause thing, idiot”
Commander Sheppard felt the life wash back into him, after hundreds of times respawning he never had got used to the odd feeling of having life put back into you. The mission continued and more Geth were killed, they finally got around to inspecting the dig site. Using his Omni Tool Sheppard inspected the dig site for anything unusual or for any clue why the Geth were here.
“There’s a funny reading coming from the sand I’m not sure what it is” Commander Shepard said
“Get a sample Ashley”
“On it boss”
“What do you think it is” said Liara
Again the Conversation Wheel.
“Well there’s obviously no way to know” he said in an aggravated voice
“Were ready commander”
“Let’s get of this shithole then”
“Are you aware this is my home planet?” Said Liara
“Yeah, still a shithole”

Back on the ship Commander Sheppard had just sat down for dinner when Garrus sat down at his table. Being such a…… renegade Sheppard sat alone.
“What do you want Garrus?”
“Aren’t I aloud to sit on this table?”
“Yeah but….. whatever”
Garrus sat down opposite Sheppard, Shepard sighed.
“I heard you did good on your mission”
“Well I am Commander Shepard, savour of the galaxy, first-“
“So what did you find down there”
“Not sure just some red sand”
“Do you know what it is?”
“Why does everyone keep asking me that? And no we don’t know we’ll let the councils decide what it is”
“You know Sheppard if you feel uptight about anything at all, you come see”
“What does he mean by that?”
“Is there any meaning for you sitting down next to me Garrus or are you just here to annoy me?”
“No, just asking if there’s anything you need, just ask”
“Well alright then, is there anything I can help you with?”
“Well if this isn’t too forward it would be nice to have another body in my bed tonight”
Another Conversation Appeared
“Oh god please say no, please say no, please say no,”
“I would be….. Delighted to”
“I fucking hate my life“

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10:15 AM on 06.14.2010

Something about E3: The Fanboys E3 Predictions

Unlike any other medium video games have multiple platforms in which developers can distribute there games. Because of the various platforms people called ‘fanboys’ have emerged giving undeniable support to a particular platform. Although these fanboys can be found disagreeing with each other in message boards and forums, there’s no chance any of them would refute the importance of E3. So I asked a fanboy from each platform to sit down with me to talk about E3 and what they want and what they think will happen

Me: Hello everyone thanks for coming.

All respond.

Me: So shall we dive right in? Why don’t you go first Xbox Fanboy?

I would like to point out I have hidden the fanboys identities so to avoid excessive trolling.

PS3 Fanboy: Ha, We can see who you’re routing for can’t we? Bias much? Who do you think you are Jim fucking Sterling?

This threw me off a little bit; this was not only rude but extremely hostile on his part.
Me: I’m sorry you feel this way, how about you go first then PS3 Fanboy?
Xbox fanboy: Typical.

I ignored him, it was obvious this wasn’t going to be an easy process, even before the meeting started there was a hostile sort of atmosphere, which is to be suspected I suppose. The rules were simple, they each had 4 predictions relating to there particular platform. After this I would compare the results to the ones of the actual show.

PS3 Fanboy: So starting of I would have to go for,
1. ICO and Shadow of The Colossus HD Bundle

Considering that he was a fanboy and not really clued in, this was quite smart prediction
Me: Good start, up next?
PS3 Fanboy: Well based upon the trailer I would have to go for,
2. The announcement of the PS4

Not so smart.
Me: Well the thing is that the trailer, it was a fake.
PS3 Fanboy: Really? Well ermmm maybe it was reverse psychology or something?
Me: Yeah, I mean yeah maybe it was.
Xbox Fanboy: Idiot.
Me: Easy does it now.

There was a look in the PS3s fanboys eye, a very dark look, like it wanted to kill the Xbox fanboy. The Xbox’s was no different. There was an obvious hatred between the two and I was ready if it became more heated.
Me: Ignore him PS3 Fanboy, your third prediction?
PS3 Fanboy: I think I would have go with,
3. Bungie Announce a exclusive PS3 game.

Maybe, probably not, yeah this was probably never going to happen.
PS3 Fanboy: You’d like wouldn’t you Mr Dick Suck Halo?! Yeah wouldn’t you!!
Me: Simmer down would you? Don’t respond to that Xbox fanboy, ok don’t respond to that.

Xbox fanboy just sat there scowling at the PS3 Fanboy, he scowled back, I was grateful they were only geeks, if they had any sort of muscle on them there could have been a problem. I was surprised at the fact that both the Wii and PC fanboy just sat there engulfed in Netbook and DS respectably. That was probably for the best.
Me: Last but not least?
PS3 Fanboy: And lastly, hmm.
He paused for a while with only the sound of clicking and tapping coming from the two engrossed fanboys.
4. Grand Turismo 5 will finally get a release date.
Xbox Fanboy: Yeah big emphases on finally, when was that announced again? 1999 or something?
PS3 Fanboy: Alright Mr Red Ring of death what’s your predictions?
Xbox Fanboy: Alright Mr No Exclusives, first up is,
1. GOW 3, demoed by CliffyB
Me: Good call –
Xbox Fanboy: With his shirt off.
Me: What? What did you just say?
Xbox Fanboy: I err didn’t say anything, maybe it was the PC guy.
PC Fanboy: Hey I’m just playing Civilization.

There were some looks between the fanboys and me.
Me: Anyway moving on.
Xbox Fanboy: Secondly I would have to go for,
2. Halo 4 on Natal.
Me: What? I mean yeah that might happen. Well what’s happening with Halo Reach then?
Xbox Fanboy: Well the way I see it as that they’re pretty much done with Halo Reach so why not make Halo 4?
Me: Well how can they continue the story?
Xbox Fanboy: What story?
Me: You know how the UNSC beat the Covenant and now there’s nothing left to fight for.
Xbox Fanboy: Yeah I didn’t play the campaign.
Me: Fine, whatever, moving on.

I was happy to see that the PS3 Fanboy had taken the wise decision to bring out his PSP Go It was amazing seeing all 3 of them just with heads down with focused looks.
Xbox Fanboy: Thirdly It would have to be,
3. Metal Gear Solid Rising, on natal
At this moment in time the PS3 Fanboy head popped up from his PSP to scowl at the Xbox fanboy and then subsequently pop his head right back down again.
Me: And last but no least?
Xbox Fanboy:
4. GTA 5 is announced.
Me: even-
Xbox Fanboy: Exclusive to the Xbox 360.

Here we go.
PC Fanboy: This is utter bullshit, Rockstar would never deny the PC & PS3 platform, they would be losing money.
Xbox Fanboy: Not if Microsoft paid them like 5 billion squillion dollars.
PS3 Fanboy: Microsoft doesn’t have that sort of money……. Sony on the other hand.
Xbox Fanboy: Oh why don’t you shut your face.
Me: Fanboys please, can’t we be grown up about this?

There was a long silence
PS3 Fanboy: He started it
Xbox Fanboy: I will fu-!!!
Me: That’s it Xbox Fanboy out.
Xbox Fanboy: Why me?
Me: Fine PS3 Fanboy, I don’t care just one of you stand the fuck outside.
PS3 Fanboy: I'll go.
Me: Thank you PS-
PS3 Fanboy: We’ve always been the adult system.

I saw Xbox fanboy about to say something, I shut him up.
Me: Leave it Xbox fanboy.

After 10 minutes the PS3 fanboy came back in, some glances were exchanged between the two rival consoles but in general everyone was quite calm by then and I continued on.
Me: Why don’t you go next PC Fanboy.
PC Fanboy: Thank you (redacted) Firstly I would like to thank all other fanboys for coming out today. *Although all platforms other than the PC are for children*.

The last bit he said under his breath.
Wii Fanboy: What did you say?
PC Fanboy: I said I would like-
Wii Fanboy: No after that.
PC Fanboy: I didn’t say anything after that.

There were some glances between the console fanboys
PC Fanboy: First up is, this is no surprise to you (chuckles).
1. Half Life 2 Episode 3 is announced
Wii, Xbox, PS3 Fanboy all groan.
PC Fanboy: What?
PS3 Fanboy: No offense but isn’t Episode 3 a bit errrm, how do I word this.
Xbox Fanboy: You’re flogging a dead horse.
PC Fanboy: What? No, no I’m not why do you say that?
PS3 Fanboy: PC Fanboys have been wanting for that like for ever. Face it it’s not happening.
Xbox Fanboy: And frankly it’s getting annoying, whenever I go onto a PC forum to troll there’s always at least one thread that is asking when’s episode 3 coming? When’s the release date? What’s going to happen in the game? Episode 3 this, Episode 3 that. Get over yourself.

As the Xbox fanboy said this the PC fanboy expression changed into a more hardened and concentrated look and one with a bit more conviction.
PC Fanboy: There’s still hope, there’s always hope.

Again glances at each other, He must have thought he was Bruce Willis or something.
Me: Ok…..moving on.
PC Fanboy: My second prediction is,
2. Wow Cataclysm is shown off.
Me: Wow.
PC Fanboy: Yeah isn’t that amazing.
Me: No I meant…moving on.
PC Fanboy: For my third prediction I predict,
3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution will dominate the show blowing everything out of the water
Wii Fanboy: What’s Dues Ex?
PC Fanboy: Something far better than the types of games that you play.
Me: For you last prediction?
PC Fanboy: It’ll have to be,
4. No motion controls are announced for the PC……. hopefully.
PS3 Fanboy: It’s the future, you can’t deny the future.
Wii Fanboy: I wouldn’t necessarily call it the future, I would call it a huge money maker though, just see the Wii's success
Xbox Fanboy: Pftt the Wii, what a piece crap that is, I’m sure you’ll all agree that the Wii is a piece of shit and anyone owns one should be shot.
PC Fanboy: Although this is a little harsh I have to agree
PS3 Fanboy: Same here.
Xbox Fanboy: Natal on the other hand……
PS3 fanboy: Here we go.
PC Fanboy: Sigh.
Xbox Fanboy: Natal is the future and there’s certainly no denying that, Playstation Move, more like Playstation Move over Natal is the way forward.

There was an awkward silence.
Me: So that just leaves you, Wii Fanboy.

The Wii Fanboy had been silent most of the time had grimaced when everyone had started fighting, he was younger than the rest and it actually looked like he had gotten some sunlight. He also seemed quite sensitive and all things considering he was fairly normal and I hoped that the rest were easy on them, of course, they weren’t.

PC Fanboy: This’ll be funny.
Wii Fanboy: First up ill go for erm.
1. Wii HD is announced
All 3 look uninterested what the Wii fanboy had to say. PS3 Fanboy checked his watch, PC Fanboy was looking at the ceiling and the Xbox Fanboy brought out something that I thought was a Zune.

Me: Could you pay attention please, Wii Fanboy heard you now you hear him.

They all straitened up sighing and grunting.
Wii Fanboy: Thanks, Secondly,
2. Zelda will have a release date

For a fanboy these expectations were quite reasonable and even plausible
Xbox Fanboy: Gay.

I shot him a glance, the Wii Fanboy started to look agitated and when he muttered his next prediction his voice was very croaky.
Wii Fanboy: Errrrrm my second from last prediction is errrm.
3. The heartbeat sensor will be innovative in some way.
Xbox Fanboy: What?! Are you retarted or something?

All 3 began laughing
PS3 Fanboy: A heartbeat sensor, innovative!! Were you dropped on your head as a child, oh yeah you are a child!

The laughing went on for a while until the Wii Fanboy ran out crying “My last prediction is that Nintendo products are taken seriously” in-between sobs and groans which at that point the laughing stopped. There was a silence as all 3 fanboys froze looked at each with concerned expressions for the Wii Fanboy.
Me: I hope you’re proud of yourselves, all this bitching between each other which system is better, it doesn’t matter. Why can’t you stop fighting and try to create a better picture for gamers and video games. A picture of games that is mature and very much community driven, a picture that makes gamers not geeks and nerds but of a normal person that just happens to like video games. The industry is still young and you are the type of people that are keeping it from maturing. You know what, you people disgust me.

There was a silence as all 3 bowed there head in shame.

Xbox Fanboy: I bet not as disgusting as the price of the PS3.
Me: You motherfu-   read

9:39 AM on 04.06.2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review (Xbox 360)

(Note: I know it's long and yes I will in future be decrerasing my reviews, so enjoy!)

Many comparisons have been made between Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2, in some ways I agree with this, but for the most part I have to disagree. Firstly yes they are both modern day first person shooters with a killer multiplayer component. On the other hand one is fast paced and where maps are small and where you will respawn alot. The other game is set on a massive battlefield in which the game is more tactical and where nearly everything is destructible. So is Battlefield Bad Company 2s multiplayer component better than Modern Warfare 2s? Read on to find out.

The original Bad Company was received well but some glitches and a lacklustre campaign left a sour taste in a gamer’s mouth. It was of course Dices first go at putting a Battlefield game on a console for a few years and things were obviously not going to be perfect. In the end it was a good game and the mixture of the original Battlefield formula and an engine which gave the player freedom to blow nearly anything up made the game a success. So has the campaign been improved? Well no, no it hasn’t. The campaign in short is something that probably should be missed.

The opening of the game serves as a back story of Operation Aurora (a big part of the plot), Operation Aurora is something similar to a nuke which can majorly increase the chances of WW3 happening. You play as a US Commando in the search of a scientist linked to Operation Aurora. The games’ opening is actually a flashback to when Operation Aurora was first invented by the Japanese, during WW2. Fast forward to the present day where Bad Company (Sarge, Sweetwater, Haggard and you Marlow) are back on the front line on a support mission. As the game progresses it soon becomes Bad Companies job to recover the weapon before it gets into the hands of the Russians. The story is pretty basic and not very original but like most war games the story is not that essential. Sometimes though it doesn’t tell you why you are here or what’s your motivation to do this but once again this is to be expected. Just like the last game Bad Company characters are interesting with the same humour and personality from the first game carrying over. They’ll crack one liners and sometimes have lengthy conversations unrelated to the objective at hand. For example they’ll talk about there favourite scenes from the Predator movies and Haggard’s command of Spanish. For a FPS the characters are fairly original and are in general likeable characters. Writing is great in Bad Company 2 and is near to perfect, it’s funny and well though out. Humour is apparent throughout the game from the writing, the characters and the references to other popular FPS series. Overall the story is very much what you would except.

Gameplay in Battlefield Bad Company 2 hasn’t changed from the previous game with it being the normal realistic FPS fair. In the multiplayer the core gameplay is solid and is a lot of fun but in singleplayer unfortunately it feels out of place and feels very stale. The main reason is that the gameplay obviously is suited for multiplayer gaming in mind and when ported into single player it seems out of place. This is something that Dice has always had a problem with and Battlefield Bad Company 2 is no exception. For one gameplay is not very varied with most levels consisting of you running in, shooting some bad guys and then repeating. This gets extremely boring after a while and is only saved by the set pieces. The set pieces do add a tad variation but are very unoriginal, it seems like Dice were ticking boxes off, Tanks? Check Sniper? Check Helicopter gunner? Check. This may be the same check list for the likes of Call of Duty but in there case they did with flare and creativity and with Battlefield Bad Company 2 the sections were short and boring and in turn are forgettable. On the subject of Call of Duty, the game borrows quite a lot from the Call of Duty series primarily Modern Warfare 2. For starters certain moments are borrowed from Call of Duty for example you have to shoot an enemy with a hostage in his possession while not shooting the hostage. Just in general the game has just a very much of a feeling that I’m playing a Call of Duty game, from the prologue level taking elements from Call of Duty World at War to the humvee convoy and the fire fights in a aeroplane from Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2. In some ways it’s a good step, its familiar and it’s proven to be good. In some ways its not, it seems stolen, rehashed and not very original. If they are taking elements from the Call of Duty why not have a shorter campaign? I know this may seem hypercritical to say but why can’t they have a more minimized action packed campaign to compliment the multiplayer? I could see that they would want the campaign to be story driven, but still. My last gripe about the single player campaign is the AI. Firstly your squad mates aren’t very smart. Think about this, these are the same squad mates you’re going through the whole campaign with and what the whole game is revolved around. For example they’ll run into gunfire, stay on one spot although the place is getting pummelled by gunfire, they won’t do anything dynamic like flank or anything like that and sometimes in some sections they won’t even move until the next cut scene. On the other side of things the enemy AI is as bad, with sometimes staring in a different direction as they should be and sometimes coming out of cover for long periods of time. Singleplayer has nothing new or fresh to it and there is barely any moments that I got excited. I must confess though that the ‘in the back of a jeep’ section was exciting but again I’ve seen that somewhere else. So the campaign is not something I would recommend playing, it’s frustrating, it’s got nothing new going for it, it’s boring and is something that you should probably miss.

One of the biggest draws of the original Battlefield Bad Company was Environmental destruction; it still has a presence within the game and is still very much being emphasised as one of the unique factors of Battlefield Bad Company but it doesn’t have the same unique feel to it. The first thing you should know is that the destruction system has been upgraded so that whole houses can be demolished and so that blowing stuff up is more accurate. Unfortunately the destruction physics aren’t as unique now and the initial uniqueness of blowing stuff up in the first game has gone. Instead it’s replaced with the feeling that I could be doing the same thing in other games such as Red Faction Guerrilla. It still is more important in the single player campaign though as you have the resources to do it and in multiplayer there isn’t the need to. Like most Battlefield games before it Battlefield Bad Company 2 has Vehicles. Returning are of course the tank, the chopper and the jeep with new additions like the Quad Bike and the Jet Ski. Of course they are a ton of fun to drive and ride in, and killing dudes with a mounted turret is load of fun on the move. Of course the controls of the vehicles will come in to question like all Battlefield games with some people saying that they are too clunky and some saying it adds to the realism. Personally I don’t mind the controls and it’s something that won’t stop you from buying the game.

On the presentation side of things Graphics are what you’d expect from a Battlefield game: good but lack of detail most in part because of the size of the game. There are some textures that aren’t as detailed as the rest of the game but it’s not a big problem. Audio wise though is where the game really delivers, Battlefield has never been good or bad in the audio department and it’s never been a big part of the game. But for some reason Dice has chosen Battlefield Bad Company 2 to have audio which sounds realistic and is easy on the ears. From the pop of a grenade launcher to the hissing of a suppressed submachine gun, audio is great and something that I hope to become a standard for future Battlefield games. It may be something that just blends in and something you won’t notice much, but the effort put in to something that usually isn’t a massive thing is outstanding. Now what you’ve all been waiting for.

I’m an avid player of Modern Warfare 2 online and it’s been about a week since I played, it was Battlefield Bad Company 2s fault. Bad Company 2s online mode is simply outstanding. Yes there are some issues just like most multiplayer experiences but they are very minor discrepancies and online mode is fantastic.

Unlike the singleplayer the multiplayer is a fast frantic shooter which is an utter shrill ride but also gives the player time to breathe and think strategy. Online play works perfectly with lag and matchmaking issue mostly obsolete, this is Dice we’re talking about so both lag and matchmaking is bound to be good. As this is Dice the launch day wasn’t too perfect with some mishaps with the matchmaking, but of course everything runs perfectly now. The normal things you would except from a Battlefield online experience are here, vehicles, different classes with unique abilities and also an XP reward system. The system is pretty standard fair with the ability to gain more weapons and abilities as you go along. Probably the biggest difference is that each class has there individual reward system. There are 4 classes to choose from, the Recon class, and a sniper that has C4 when he starts which is ideal for destroying tanks. You have the Medic class, a medic who has a light machine gun who can also revive and heal team mates. The Engineer class, a submachine gun wielding vehicle destroyer who can also repair vehicles. Lastly you have the Assault class, an assault rifle bearing class that can dish out ammo and kill enemies with his grenade launcher. So lets say you were to focus on the medic class (which I personally do) you would rabidly unlock new things like a better machine gun or upgrades to your healing and reviving abilities. It’s a little different from the normal numerical levels (which are still implemented) with every 5 levels or so get a new gun/equipment/ perk, this might be put people off but in the long run it works. Rather than complementing all classes with new weapons or such you can focus on one class and build it up to be a killing machine. Maybe the only complaint about levelling up is the length it takes. In the Call of Duty series you can get an assault rifle with a red dot sight and be set within a few hours of play. In Battlefield Bad Company 2 it takes alot longer to progress levels and so in turn takes a long time to get fully “into” the game. The first few hours you’ll find yourself being outgunned by more levelled up opponents and so in turn you’ll get frustrated. This isn’t a massive problem in the game seeing as every game you play takes time to get used to, and once you do you feel comfortable the games a blast and you’ll wonder what the problem ever was. Getting into the game is a problem in general with the game not being very noob friendly and being very unique. This also isn’t a massive problem though and you’ll be enjoying the game in a few hours or so. Other than this there are some other problems with the multiplayer. For one the M16 and M4 varieties of the guns are a tad overpowered for my liking and you’ll frequently get killed by there bullets. Also the ease of people to camp with a recon class and snipe opponent across the map coupled with the ability to call in a mortar strike is a little annoying. This is especially annoying as people do this in objective game modes when while attacking, kills mean nothing. These two things may be the players fault and not the game but are still ever present annoyances. Also the game lacks “Epic” moments in which there were plenty in Battlefield 1943. I never had a story to tell or anything to say and the only moments I could recall was getting a high kill streak or something like that. Lastly I never found myself yearning to play the game and I didn’t feel the grip I felt with most multiplayer shooters. But what the game lacks in epic moments and addictiveness it matches with just sheer enjoyment and gameplay prowess. Again I stress that these aren’t game changing just minor annoyances.

In Bad Company 2 squads are a big part of online with it being near impossible to survive without being in one. The main reason for this is like all Battlefield games you can either spawn far back away from the action which takes time to get back to the fight. Or you can spawn on your team mate’s who are right in the middle of battle. Of course you’re going to have to spawn on your team mates to really have an effect on the game and not take 5 minutes to get into the action to be killed instantly. Also teamwork is vital within squads with a mixture of classes being very important. So for instance the squad spawns on the recon guy who is staying back with his sniper, a tank rolls up an engineer blows it up. The engineer gets killed and so the medic revives and heals him while the assault guy is covering them with an assault rifle. So you can see that teamwork and also communication is very important. Many of the things already talked about also have a presence in the multiplayer. For example vehicles have a bigger part within multiplayer where using a quad to flank or a tank to support infantry trying to secure an objective really stands out. Also there’s the element of destruction in which the game will give subtle reminders like “oh I can shoot that guys cover with an RPG” and also destruction adds something unique to multiplayer. Last of all audio is a big part as with those with headsets are at an advantage with every footstep and knocking down of fences being amplified. Also important to mention are game types and maps, both what you’d except. Game modes are split into Rush, Squad Rush, Conquest and Squad Deathmatch, Rush is the normal mode that most Battlefield fans will be familiar with. The objective is to destroy or defend two M-COM stations with the attacking team having a set amount of lives. Every time the two M-COM stations are destroyed the attacking team moves up to another two M-COM stations. This is the staple for the Battlefield series and is still fun to play even to this day. Squad Rush is like Rush but with smaller teams and less M-COM stations. Conquest is like domination in Modern Warfare 2 with three or four flags when captured rack up points for your team, once you get to a set number of points you win. Squad deathmatch is straight up Team Deathmatch. Maps also are what you’d except with most being balanced and having a fair amount of cover (that is eventually destroyed).

So Battlefield Bad Company 2 is truly a game of two halves, one half you have a lacklustre and boring campaign with nothing exciting or new happening. On the other you have a well balanced multiplayer game which is a ton of fun. In summary this isn’t a game that you’ll play for singleplayer thrills, you’ll play it for the intense multiplayer action. So is Battlefield Bad Company 2 better than Modern Warfare 2? Well yes and no, yes for some no for others. It comes down to a personal taste if you prefer a fast paced action shooter or more of a strategic fast-paced-shooter-with-time-to-breath kind of game. It’s up to you. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a buy (for the multiplayer though)

I give it a

+ Multiplayer
+ Overall Gameplay

- Singleplayer
- Minor multiplayer hic ups   read

5:52 AM on 03.28.2010

Obligatory Intro Blog

Hey this is my Obligatory Intro Blog post thing. Hi my name is Phil, been using the site for a few months and have just mustered up the energy/courage to post a cblog. I like games, any kind I’m not too fussy and have all next gen consoles/handhelds accept a PSP. I mostly game on my Xbox 360 but i do dabble in my other systems occasionally.

I'm really impressed by how destructoid is run and the whole community side of things. I also love the honest reviews and how they don't go with the crowd i was getting bored/frustrated with. I personally have my own blog in which I do my own reviews, I was wondering if I could post my own reviews from my blog on here? Other than gaming I mostly read, listen to podcasts, write reviews or surf the internet.


Yeah I know its pretty bad   read

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