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Pico Mause
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3D, Will We Ever Be Convinced?

The 80's have given us so much; acid washed jeans, a nice view of David Bowie's banana hammock in the Labyrinth, and GI Joe's, but I'm not here to talk about life's delicacies. Let's discuss our obsession with 3D. Everyone ...


About Pico Mauseone of us since 2:07 AM on 11.21.2010

I noticed that some people were asking who I am so here's the short. I've been working with Dtoid since sometime in 2009 doing off cam video work. I moved into the HQ in November 2010 and started working on the Dtoid Live show on JTV (Justin.tv/Destructoid). You can see me there almost every day. We have a great community and it's awesomely fun! ~~( 8:>

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