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11:34 PM on 05.04.2010

The Quest for an MMORPG that doesn't bore me within a month

I’ve always had somewhat of a curse. You see, I love RPG’s, and the idea of an RPG. Also, combine the idea of character progression and stat building with ’showing off to millions of other players.’ I really like that idea. But my curse isn’t that I love MMORPG’s… oh no. It’s that they bore me. To tears. I honestly cannot stick with one more than a month at most. I’m not sure if it’s just me, or that MMORPG’s are supposed to be like this… I’m just not sure. I’ve played a plethora of MMORPG’s through my time, (but never WoW, because World of Warcraft is a soul sucker that will destroy your mind and disconnect you from what is real) and enjoyed many of them. But, I just can’t get attatched to them. I’ve played my way through The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and have clocked up more hours than I’d like to admit, so I know I enjoy RPG’s. But what is it about MMORPG’s that makes them so hard for me to become connected to? Is it because they are developed with a certain style? I just don’t get it.

Upon retrospect, I realize that I love the feeling of exploring a dungeon for the first time, or progressing to a level I haven’t been before, or getting better gear than I’ve ever had… But that’s exactly it… I think. That is why MMO’s and me do not work. As much as I love progressing alongside others, I just can’t feel a sense of progression when I know that someone has already explored the dungeon I’m about to enter, or someone is a higher level than i could ever be, or that guy walking past me right now is wearing the exact same armor I am. It just ruins all sense of accomplishment. Now, we could all say “but you’ve never had that armor before, or reached that level, so it’s your personal achievement!” I’m sorry, but that is an overly optimistic and borderline retarded/delirious way of looking at it. I’m not a pessimist, but still, come on… See it for what it really is.

Depth is also something that MMO’s lack. Seriously. Whenever I logged into an mmorpg, i’d have the mindset of: “Alright, time to get up some levels.” Whereas when I was playing Oblivion, or possibly Dragon Age: Origins, I would begin playing and thinking: “Alright, what can I explore? Where haven’t I been? What mad sick gear can I get today?” It seems when I play an MMO, my goal is to just get on with it, level as fast as you can, and eventually just reach a level cap and quit or give up in the process. But single player RPG’s… You don’t feel the need to rush. You want to take your time. You want to explore things that aren’t part of a quest or need to be explored. Even though you may not be PvP’ing all the time, it’s still one long continuous battle through a whole MMORPG experience. You want to be the highest, have the best stuff, and so forth. No time for messing around. I hate that idea. I’m eagerly awaiting the day when I see an MMO that is able to blend the idea of MMO and RPG together correctly. Right now, I haven’t found a game that’s done it. There might be, but if there is… I haven’t played it yet.   read

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