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I constantly see people cry of woes in Fallout 3 with glitches and stuff, but I'm not getting the woes.

I was primary a PC Gamer from the 90's up until about 2006, and as the Hardware prices went up and the 360 had some clutch games that I could afford to run, I shifted to a Console Main-Game standpoint. My point in stating this is because I may be partial to 'buggy' games from having my PC Games background.

Now that I got the backstory down, I'm working to grasp the Fallout 3 bishin on glitchin. Right off the bat, I save frequently and Fallout 3 is made for this via the Save Anywhere capabilities. I have 102 Hours in Fallout 3, and the only real glitches I have run into, is when I try to jump over an impassible wall in the Wasteland and get stuck on debris.

I know I might just be fighting the insatiable lust for yelling 'broken game' high atop the server clusters, but I have played games with immeasurably more glitchy a gameplay. I know the DLC was straight up boned on release with The Pitt, but I was still slumming the main game, so I got to avoid that 0-day fail.

If anything, I'm just curious how a game with as many options and areas as Fallout 3 can be chastised for some glitches, that do not occur often enough to be game breakers. I also work in Computers, so I may have additional temperance for flaws from that too.

Hell, I loved playing Vampire - Bloodlines on my PC, and that game had some breaking bugs. I was killing fleshies in that one, and managed to Fall out of the Map, then sink to the bottom. - straight up IDCLIP style. I've seen Fallout 3 glitches like 'G.O.A.T. not able to test', but that was on Wifey's play, and it was resolved with the last Autosave.

I just think the Autosave is helpful enough to prevent gamebreaking glitches, as I think it's immeasurable to trace and resolve all glitches in a reasonable time frame.

Just my opinion on that stuff. I just think the whole glitch thing is a little out of proportion. Keep in mind, I play Fallout 3 on 360, so I cannot speak for any issues from spawning stuff in the command console on PC, or playing on PS3.

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