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Pic0o's blog

10:28 AM on 01.31.2013

Toilet Edition site Ads

I understand you love some advertising money, but the full screen ad loads on iOS devices, is absolutely disgusting.

Whoever though that was a good idea, might want to get some oxygen to their brain. Your mobile site is offensively worthless to me now and I refuse to use it, while those ads are in rotation

I'd hope there isn't a need to flame this feedback with rage comments and ad support, but let's see how that goes.   read

12:16 PM on 07.29.2011

Main page view issues (Found fix)

Is there a way to show the short stories on the main page, but without that fugly IGN-looking recent news block? I was able to tolerate it for the last few months, but it looks like the IGNtrash was updated, and now it just cycles the bottom tree of news fast as shit.

Didn't see a general feedback story around, and based on the last forum visit I did, I dunno how much more helpful posting this in there would have been.

Indirectly solved my issue via this areas URL. Can browse without crazybar if you go to:   read

9:15 AM on 08.06.2009

Technical Friday! (for me)

Greets, as i am preparing to start a 4 day weekend, with a focus on some Fable 2 and Fallout 3 play of Mothership Zeta. Switching days to cover people is awesome, when you can turn it into a 4-day weekend. ;)

I keep my bloggin here light, since I keep most of my randomness on my old forums (and I tinker with hardware and all sorts of other stuff). Thus be this overview of today, as 4-day weekends = self-declared Holiday! :)

Anywho, if anyone wants to play some game this weekend, I'm Pic0o on XBL. If you are into Culdcept Saga, just friend me now and we can play some rounds. I'm no griefer, I can take losses like a warrior!

Besides the above, I'll prolly be into a little RF:G (especially whenever the Playlist patch hits) and whatever else strikes me as Rad-appropriate.   read

9:56 AM on 07.02.2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen = Rad

While I do not have the time to write a thesis to convince you folks of the fact in the Title, I am floored by how well done the new Transformer game is.

There is a good combat system, fun multiplayer, and the single player is pretty cool as well. I only have about 4 hours in this game, but the suggestion of my buddies to pick this up, was well invested.

If you get a chance, check this game out. It has the same shock of awesome, as the new Wolverine game IMO. Certainly a change in the trend of garbage franchise games.   read

9:50 AM on 06.17.2009

Logo + Fun

Hola this morning. I took some time over the weekend to do some video rips, as that is where I got the image in my Logo.

I also played much Prototype and did some gameplay vids for any friends on the fence. If you want some AVI encoded SD videos, Peep my FTB Topic for Prototype. This game is so good that my sleep schedule is heavily modified. :p

Besides that, I have the awesomeness of RF-G I'm also well in Wub with, and I await more Fallout 3 DLC near month's end. I also am gunning to throw some desk pics up, but keep breathing in the mean time.   read

11:05 AM on 05.15.2009

Riddle me a Glitch (Fallout 3 related)

I constantly see people cry of woes in Fallout 3 with glitches and stuff, but I'm not getting the woes.

I was primary a PC Gamer from the 90's up until about 2006, and as the Hardware prices went up and the 360 had some clutch games that I could afford to run, I shifted to a Console Main-Game standpoint. My point in stating this is because I may be partial to 'buggy' games from having my PC Games background.

Now that I got the backstory down, I'm working to grasp the Fallout 3 bishin on glitchin. Right off the bat, I save frequently and Fallout 3 is made for this via the Save Anywhere capabilities. I have 102 Hours in Fallout 3, and the only real glitches I have run into, is when I try to jump over an impassible wall in the Wasteland and get stuck on debris.

I know I might just be fighting the insatiable lust for yelling 'broken game' high atop the server clusters, but I have played games with immeasurably more glitchy a gameplay. I know the DLC was straight up boned on release with The Pitt, but I was still slumming the main game, so I got to avoid that 0-day fail.

If anything, I'm just curious how a game with as many options and areas as Fallout 3 can be chastised for some glitches, that do not occur often enough to be game breakers. I also work in Computers, so I may have additional temperance for flaws from that too.

Hell, I loved playing Vampire - Bloodlines on my PC, and that game had some breaking bugs. I was killing fleshies in that one, and managed to Fall out of the Map, then sink to the bottom. - straight up IDCLIP style. I've seen Fallout 3 glitches like 'G.O.A.T. not able to test', but that was on Wifey's play, and it was resolved with the last Autosave.

I just think the Autosave is helpful enough to prevent gamebreaking glitches, as I think it's immeasurable to trace and resolve all glitches in a reasonable time frame.

Just my opinion on that stuff. I just think the whole glitch thing is a little out of proportion. Keep in mind, I play Fallout 3 on 360, so I cannot speak for any issues from spawning stuff in the command console on PC, or playing on PS3.   read

7:46 AM on 05.13.2009


Jolly tired mornin,

I saw a rad Cuban Mario 3 review and had to finally sign up here. This is certainly one of the best places to scour game intel while on the work scene. ;) (even with some of the semi-NSFW images) :p

I live for rad games and have been at it for some years now. I currently primarily reside on a 360, as PC Gaming was my main bag for awhile. I dabble in all sorts of things, to keep me from becoming bored and dull.

See me playing an MP game? Throw me a message and let's play. Be warned that I do love SP as well, and if playing solo, am an AFK wizard.   read

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