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10:59 AM on 07.23.2014

It's funny when you make an intentionally self-depricating nickname for yourself. Sometimes, you end up falling into the trap of it, and it is no longer ironic or funny.

Awhile ago now, I'm not really sure how long, I pulled a move I call "shitting on the floor and throwing myself out the window." I was very frustrated with life. And I let things get to me. I said some hurtful things to people I otherwise liked, and I won't make excuses for it past that. I was a very angry man.

Then life came and kicked me in the balls, real hard. And it humbled me and made me realize that certain things just don't really matter at all, they aren't a big deal. Because life is really very short; we don't have a lot of time here.

I was someone who spent a lot of my time armchair philosophizing about the world, and existence, and all the shit. And I found myself going down a very grim path. Nihilism, hatred, xenophobia. Not things that actually defined me, but a path that symbolized my general frustration and misunderstanding of the world around me.

Social justice started to irritate me. But so did the overt sexism and introversion that is synonymous in some ways with a pocket of the gaming community. I took a stance that was essentially "fuck it all". And I went on an attack directed towards both groups. It came from a real smug air of righteousness, a self-esteem driven egoism.

In short, it was a real confusing mess.

So I'm here today on behalf of my old username, TheManchild, to apologize.

As far as the community goes, this isn't an attempt to smooth over the bumps so I can return and carry on like nothing ever happened. And I no longer beat myself up over the things I do; I won't sit here feeling ashamed, because as someone who has dealt with depression his entire life, that is the exact sort of attitude that brings me down to begin with. But I am sorry, and it was wrong of me to behave the way I did. I shocked a couple of people, and soured their perceptions of me. I can't repair that, and have never personally had an open armed policy myself when I feel betrayed by someone. So I'm not expecting vindication. I don't even really know who is still around now since I don't visit the site much anymore. But it's here for those who are owed it.

These days I am writing for another gaming website. I actually have an editor now; pretty cool. Someone who can filter out the dumb shit I'm about to say before I actually say it. But the C-Blogs were my original stomping ground. I wrote a lot here, some good, lots bad. I learned a lot about the process, and about responding to criticism. Sometimes I responded very poorly. And sometimes I was far to quick to dish it out. But I can say it was definitely an experience!

I like you guys, is what I'm trying to say. I miss the comments, the blogs. Else, Bbain, Strider, Dixon, Occam, Phil, Shade, and a lot of others. Great people, and I hope you are all doing well!

Just wanted to check in and say a quick sorry. But more importantly, hello.

I hope life is treating you all very well.

11:48 AM on 11.25.2013

The new console launch was kind of exciting. Seeing my store set up the hundreds of odd Xboxes and PS3's in anticipation, the line forming outside in the cold, Canadian winter (chairs and sleeping bags included) and the boxes of brand new games waiting to be opened and played, it all made me want to be included somehow. And I was, in my own way; it just happened to be as a result of the competitor, the Wii U, and the new Super Mario 3D World.

I held off on the Wii U, at first preordering and then later cancelling out of hesitant anticipation and a desire to hold onto my money. After seeing it flop like a dead fish on the deck of a boat, I was glad for the decision, but saddened by the result. The Wii was arguably my favorite last gen console, since I still boast a pretty sizable library for it, and played it to the bitter end. But with the online functionality mostly nixed, and my new HDTV made all the better using a system with HDMI output to watch my media on, the Wii grew tired as a staple in the household. At least it fared better than the Xbox however, a system I bought for the Kinect which is still packed away in the basement since I moved last month.

With the Wii U, my expectations were incredibly low, but I knew that now was the time to strike. With the system dropping to 249.99 on sale with two included games, Mario U and Luigi U, and 3D World ready for pick up, it was a killer opportunity. And it is a decision that I do not regret making in the slightest.

Yesterday I had my best friend over and we played the damn thing for the entire day, basically non-stop. Between 3D World and Sonic All Stars Racing, a title which we also played online with my cousins for some 4 player battle/racing chaos, the Wii U really showed off what it was meant to be; a game system, and basically nothing else. Sure it has some neat features. Yes, it does "the Netflix", but the thing is built to be fun, right out of the box.

For one thing, 3D World is the best game I have played in ages. I have been very vocal to my friends about 3D Land being my favorite Mario of all time. Despite complaints about length and difficulty that some people had, I thought it was the first time Mario truly shined in 3D, after a long and sometimes difficult transition with games like Mario Sunshine arguably missing the mark. In my mind it was a classic, but I am well aware of its perceived shortcomings; many felt it was shallow, and was more in line with a "tech demo" than a full game. I obviously disagree, but if 3D World does anything, it is to prove that the 3D Land template works, can transcend itself, and become something really fantastic. Super Mario World 3D is hands down, the greatest Mario game I have ever played. And that's a difficult thing to say considering the history of fantastic games that exist on the console.

But that isn't to say that Mario U isn't great as well. It was initially panned by some as "yet another" entry in the "NEW" Mario series, something to tide gamers over for a better experience. (such as World 3D) But the fact is, it is a superb Mario title, and if you are buying a Nintendo system, is there any better way to start out then with a great Mario game and the fantastic follow up, Luigi U?

The selection of games available for the U is a little light, so I guess it really depends what your focus is going to be. So many gamers these days are into the competitive scene, where online gaming is a must, and if you are one of those habitual FPS players the Wii U will not be a great standalone system for you. But with a massive library when you include the original Wii titles, there is definitely no shortage of fun on the system. And at such a low price, it's really hard to overlook the Wii U anymore. Even at the regular price of 299.99 it's an excellent deal. And once you get your hands on the Gamepad for the first time, and see just what it can do for you as a player, it becomes even sweeter.

I can wait for the PS4 and the Xbox One. Right now, they are babies, splashing around in the proverbial pool and getting their feet wet. There will be a year long transition period before they really start to see fantastic, long lasting content. That is just the way of things. I am into competitive gaming as well; I'm a habitual Counterstrike player, but since I own a PC, I tend to do my online stuff on there. So the premium packages offered by both Sony and Microsoft to facilitate that experience aren't really too appealing for me at the moment.

In short, I'd strongly encourage you to buy a Wii U, and Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed.

But really, my motivation is selfish; I just want more people to play it with online.