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I'm not sure how this happened. Sales of Sin and Punishment on Virtual Console were so good that Treasure actually translated the menus and brought it over to western countries, and the sales of that were so good that Treasure decided to make a sequel. There's enough of a freaking install base.

There's no announced date for America or Europe yet, so lord knows if we ever WILL see a sequel, but at the off chance that the videogame god smile upon us, then I humbly request of my Wii-owning comrades to actually buy this game. Sure, piracy on the Wii is too easy, but if any game deserves your money, its this one.

The game is way better than S&P1
One of the reasons that Sin and Punishment is so hard to play on the Wii is because of the wonky N64 controls. You have a few options, but it quickly feels like you're rubbing your belly and patting your head. On the Wii, the controls are perfect. Aiming and moving isn't a problem, and with your new jetpack, movement isn't as restricted.

In fact, even though the game is a lot harder, the controls offer a lot more options. You can lock on with the tap of the A button and shift your focus to dodging enemy fire or reflecting attacks with your sword. Racking up combos and multipliers is very easy, and the charge explosion attack can get you out of sticky situations. Combine the same crazy bosses and a two player option, and you're in for a great time.

Treasure almost never makes sequels
Treasure makes a lot of great games, but if there's one thing Treasure doesn't like to dabble in, it's sequels. A GBA Gunstar Heroes here, Bangai-O on the DS there, but those games tend to fly under the radar. I eventually reached a point where I accepted that a noteworthy sequel would never happen. Seeing them take a chance on S&P2, on the Wii of all consoles, is encouraging. Which leads me to the next point.

You're not using your Wii for anything else anyways. Besides Mario.
Oh, yea right. Like any of you run home waiting to boot up the Wii and play Imagine Babyz. This isn't a mediocre game with "H4RDC0R3!!!!!" smeared all over the box (NMH, Madworld. Yea, I said it.) It's the kind of game you and I and everyone who reads these kinds of videogame blogs wants to see. No shallow pandering to nostalgic fanboys or moms. It's a game for us, crafted with love.

And that's why I'm blogging this. Because Sin and Punishment on Virtual Console showed that you really can vote with your dollar. And I'm sure there's enough of people waiting for strong third party support on the Wii. So for the sake of Treasure, and that white thing in your living room that isn't a 360, please buy this game.

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