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Mike Martin avatar 12:12 PM on 09.14.2012  (server time)
Weekend Wankfest - 9/15 + 9/16


A Festival of Wank. A Proliferation of toss. An excess of jizz. A massive accumulation of useless remnants resulting from a bunch of wankers tossing all over their keyboards.

Welcome to the Weekend Wankfest. It rises from the ashes of SAD and Sunday Funday. Maybe Smurfee will join me in getting this thang going and hopefully, you all will join in and get gaming too. This is aimed at folks who don't have time for FNF or just would rather game with friends on the weekend. We will use the FNF formula for posting games, just with what day added to the mix.


Day: Sat or Sun
Game: What game you're hosting
Time: Keep all times EASTERN!
Host: Your Dtoid name
System and Name: Ex: PS3 - PSN: MickGuerrera or 360 - GT: Philk3ns3bb3n or Steam + ID: hillbillysk8

Pretty simple huh? YES, IT IS. Just drop a line in the comments on what you want to host and let's have fun. I haven't decided what to play yet, so I'll drop that in there later tonight or tomorrow. Anyone up for some UT3 on PS3?

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