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Mike Martin avatar 8:41 PM on 10.17.2012  (server time)
Contest Time - Resident Evil's (360 & PS3)

Nerf fire vision looks dumb. Moving on....



Runner-ups (in order): Blasto, BrowneyeWinkin and ManWithNoName

For the runners-up, I will contact the first of you and give them the choice between the 3, then the second between the two left, third? You get scraps.

I will send codes via mutated African cave spiders (google that fucker). Tip them well.

Welcome back again to Contest Time. Where I give you herpes! Wait no, that's something else. Here I give you games, yeah games. This time I'm branching off my last contest and going multi-platform with more Resident Evils that aren't 6 (Though Im enjoying 6, for free). In honor of HALLOWEEN (and getting free codes).

What up for grabs:

1st place (1 for each system): Resident Evil 5: Gold

2nd place (1 for each system): Resident Evil 4 HD

3rd place Xbox: Code Veronica X HD.

3rd place PS3: RE: 1-3 PSone Classics.

What must you do? EARN EM. This is the biggest contest I've done yet, so act accordingly. But Mike, how do I earn them, you ask? Genitals, I want 'em you got 'em. Since I'm sure there are laws against sending me genitals though :( you can just make me laugh. Yep I'm going back to that again. But not so simple this time. You may only make me laugh by: picture (drawn/photshopped), home-made video, details of your genitals, or a really funny short story in the comments. Also you can make me happy and gift me Half Minute Hero or Hotline Miami on Steam (the two fucking things I actually asked for, for my bday). Seriously, I take bribes. Either 4 or 5 can be yours for one of those. (I will only allow 1 bribery transaction) Fuck off, it's my contest.

How bizarre, how bizzare

You have until the 24th, winners announced the 25th.

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