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4:08 PM on 10.12.2012 // Mike Martin
Contest Time - RE 4: HD (PSN) (UPDATED)

You all are bringing it this time, so I've added 3 runners up. Runners up will receive one copy of a RE psone classic. There are 3 choices, 1 - Directors Cut, 2 and then 3 (Who'd a thunk?). I'll figure out what to do with people who pick the same one, when it happens.

Ahhhhhh, good to be back and giving you people free stuff. On today's menu is Resident Evil 4 HD for PSN. I shall bestow the code on whoever can convince me to give it up (don't worry, I'm a cheap date).

You know what this game is, I'm not wasting space explaining it, so let's just get to it. To enter just tell me why I should give you this game. Make it funny or make it serious, just freaking do it. I will select the winner on Oct. 17th and post the next contest (and winner info) the following day. Alright sexy peeps, do it :)

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