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Mike Martin avatar 4:59 PM on 08.16.2012  (server time)
Contest Time - Lego Batman 2 Villains DLC

I have a thing. Well two things. That I shall be willing to give to you folks. I have 2 codes for the Lego: Batman 2 villains dlc. Im getting these through my gstop powerups, so they are available for ps3 and 360. Your choice. I believe the pack retails for $5.

Normally I ask you folks to make me laugh. Well that shit hasn't changed, so fuck off. I need a good, hearty laugh. Not chuckle, LAUGH. Use any means you wish, i.e. joke, picture, photoshop, drawing, link to a video, etc. Just follow dtoid's rules for posting such things. I don't want anyone getting banned for this. By all means don't keep it clean though. Contest will end Monday the 19th.

Some rules do apply:
Contest void to mormons, NC residents, anyone who owns a Street Kings 2 dvd, Smurfee McGee's stupid blue face, the undead, hippies, undead hippies, dogs with 3 legs and people who wear dog tags, that weren't servicemen/women.

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