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Mike Martin avatar 12:47 AM on 07.18.2012  (server time)
Contest Time - For a Month of Rift + Base game

Funny that PK493 did a contest today (fingers crossed, I win), but I just got an email from Gamestop Powerup Rewards (come at me bro) and I would also like to run a contest. The prize is:

Just for PowerUp Rewards members, we're giving you a FREE download of the online adventure game RIFT, which includes 30 full days of FREE online gameplay. We could call this a $19.99 value, but any adventurer worth his armor knows it's so much more.

Redeem your unique code with the GameStop PC app, and you can join in all the role-playing action, battling epic beasts across mythical lands. Just note that after that first 30 days, you'll need to purchase a subscription to continue playing.

So yeah, I can't run it (nor do I play mmo's) and it looks cool, so why waste it? Here's an in-game screenshot just in case you're not familiar:

If you're still not sure, here's a Metacritic list of reviews

It did pretty damn great in reviews. So now you're all up to speed on the game, the question remains: What must you do? As much as I'd love to accept sexual favors (looking at you pink robe), I'll settle for a good, hearty laugh. That's right, make me laugh. Not chuckle, LAUGH. Use any means you wish, i.e. joke, picture, drawing, link to a video, etc. Just follow dtoid's rules for posting such things. I don't want anyone getting banned for this. By all means don't keep it clean though. Alright ye scallywags, have at it.

Contest ends: July 18th @ Midnight PST

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