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Mike Martin avatar 11:25 PM on 07.31.2012  (server time)
Attention! Moar Free Games. - PC


How you doing?

Want some free stuff meng? First taste is always freeeeeeeheheheheeee.

I'm back folks. From outer space. I got some free pc games to recommend this time. Not sure if this will be a series or what, but hopefully some folks get some enjoyment out these. Alright let's do this.

Action Fist

An oldy but a goody. Action Fist harkens back to Gunstar and Contra days. You hard/wet yet? You should be. I got this at the same time I picked up Spelunky and Ninja Senki. Like those two, I still play to this day. I love this damn game. Eye patch lady is the best too. AF can be found here.


Mentioned by Jim Sterling today I checked this out. What I found is something just as tense and IMO more scary than Slender. I just played for 30m and I believe I need some fresh draws (I've never typed that slang out before, hrmmm). If the crying doesn't set the mood (We all know it's better when they cry), than the claustrophobic stairs and freaky creatures will. Lights off, sound up (headphones if ya can). Start your pants soiling adventure here.

Tiny Barbarian

First off FUCK! I really wanted to write about Ark 22. A really awesome arpg in the vein of ALTtP, but I cant find a way to download it. Its like its gone from the internet. I will update when/if I find it.

Alright, Tiny Barbarian. It may be a runner up, but it's a pretty fun one. Sword swings are fluent, graphics are nice (for a retro) and it's pretty damn fun and challenging. Find it here.

That's all the hipster freebies I got for ya this week. I hope you enjoy and see you all for some capping this weekend.

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