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Mike Martin avatar 8:28 PM on 07.24.2012  (server time)
Attention! Free Games. -Android + PC

No this isn't a contest. I would like to draw attention to a couple of games that are completely free. First up is Madfingers second android outing: Dead Trigger. It's a zombie FPS, that plays almost like a horde mode, has bite sized missions and rpg lite elements. It runs off of a semi f2p economy, but you can earn everything and endlessly play missions without having to spend a dime.

As you can see, she's a looker. Designed for Tegra 3 devices, it looks stunning. Even running on low settings with my HTC Sensation, it looks damn good. Controls are handled well and I actually play it almost every day.

Sad thing about Dead Trigger being free, is that it was only made free due to cocksuckers. Originally the game cost $1. One whole fucking dollar. Due to rampant piracy, Madfinger made it free. That really pisses me off. They are a talented team (they also made Shadowgun) and deserve to be paid. I hope they are able to continue develop on android, because I like their games.

Dead Trigger can be obtained (legally) from (Wouldn't let me link it)

Next up is the beta of Unepic.

Unepic is an indie 2D metroidvania, semi-roguelike. You excited yet? This game has had me hooked since I looked it up in the new Indie Royale Bundle this morning. It's fantastic, here is the dtoid review. I had completely forgotten this game existed until today and am sorry I did. Maybe it worked out though, as a lot of things have been patched and tweaked. Besides, look at this boss fight:

Awwww yeah. The full version can be unlocked in-game, or you can buy that awesome royale bundle and get a few other awesome games, such as Oniken. DO IT. But here's the link for Unepic's beta.

Well, have fun folks.

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