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I am now almost 33 and I'm old. I hate you. I used to run The Low(er) Tier. We podcasted (and will again) and got into development. I enjoy nothing. My interests (besides games) are: reading, hiking, playing with my kids, yelling at old(er) people, collecting various virus samples, stalking Smurfee, thinking about working out, itching my bare butthole and seeing how long I can go, without smelling my finger and Batman. I love old school cars (Chevy), football (Packers & Niners) and of course: Vidya Gamze!

My favorite games as a wee lass were: SMB3, Gunstar Heroes, Commander Keen, Blake Stone, Doom/Quake, Excitebike, Anything from Sierra/Lucasarts and MK. Now days I'm a filthy game slut. I play it all, I love it all. Keen on TBS and Roguelikes though. The replayability makes my dick hard. I'm always down to game with anyone, so feel free to hit me up on whatever you see I'm on. I've been on Dtoid quite awhile now (almost 7 years) and have been involved in numerous off the radar things like contests, recaps and spreading my AIDS. You can find me lurking mainly in the forums now days, but I check for spam and spread my love here and there in cblogs and the fp. I love you sick bastards. In a sexy non-sexual way.

I'm also on that thar Tweetarr @MikeMcPhil. Feel free to hit me up, I'm always down to chat.

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Shit. I don't even know how to start this. Just thank you. Thank all of you. My God I did not expect the response my last blog got. I was filled with so many emotions that day. I was happy, sad, angry at myself, depressed, overjoyed, touched, thankful, spiteful... so many feels. None of the bad stuff was directed at you guys though. God you guys. I cried so much that day, it probably equals all the tears I've spilled in the past decade. I am truly blessed to have you all in my life. You all went above and beyond for me, to the point I had to start turning down some of you, due to help I already had received or had pledged. Jim Sterling and Chris Carter were a catalyst for this and I wish I could hug them both so hard. The fact that Jim of all people, even noticed my blog got me, let alone that he went and retweeted it and posted it on his Facebook. Same with Carter. If you two read this, thank you. Thank you so much. My children both have what they need for now and I have a little squirreled away, along with a few other pledges that are supposed to come in this week.

I'm so angry that I'm in a position that I had to rely on strangers, but I'm glad I wasn't too proud to reach out. No matter how I feel, my kids come first. Due to how we were raised and the hardships and just flat out shit we've faced, we don't tend to talk about our problems or reach out in my family. It's just not how we are. Being mocked and betrayed and lied to non-stop while growing up (by your own family) has that effect on ya. We play things very close to our vests, until it's almost too late usually. The "we" in this, is my brother and I. We are two of the last 4 remaining members of our family. Our older brother couldn't handle the traumas we've faced and... he's lost to us unfortunately. The other one.... well, let's leave her the fuck out of this. She's a liar and filthy thief. So yeah, it's just me and my brother against the world, or so I thought. You guys showed me I had more family than I could ever imagine. God, I love you guys so much. I always have, but this past week.... ;-;.... I love you all.

Which brings me to my cry for help. This isn't about me though. When you guys donated, I used my brothers paypal and he saw just how much love I got from you guys. After seeing this he showed me something I wasn't aware of. His Indiegogo page. You see almost two years ago, my brother and his wife discovered the house they were renting, was infested with toxic black mold. My nieces were sick and on inhalers, they were all having health problems, so they had no choice. They had to leave the house and in accordance with health and safety laws and advice from a lawyer, all their possessions. I mean right down to underwear. All of it. My brother and his family bounced around after that. I never knew they had been homeless on occasion during this, as my brother didn't want to tell me just how bad shit was, because he knew what I was dealing with and I had already been helping them as much as I could. Fast forward to now and even after doing their best to rebuild the children's and their own lives, it's all starting to crash down again. They need money to go see a specialist doctor to get their case really rolling. They can't keep enough food in the house, my brother is disabled and unable to work normal jobs (both his arms have destroyed tendons and require surgery) and they are struggling big time. You can read the whole story here.

I know most of you shot your money loads on me last week and I'm grateful as fuck. I can't help but feeling like a giant piece of shit now though. My brother has been struggling for a long time now and not getting anywhere. He started that Indiegogo 10 days ago and hasn't had a single donation. He asked me to join his campaign and try to help raise awareness for it, so here I am. As I said above, I know you donated to me and are probably broke, but I'm not just asking you guys for donations. I need real help on this. If you can't donate, retweet. If you don't have Twitter, use Facebook. Don't have that, e-mail anyone you know and ask them to spread the word. If you don't want to e-mail, bug our local news here. Part of my family has been fucked over by the company that rented them that house. My nieces and brother and sister have health problems now due to this shit. No one wants to listen, so please Dtoid, help me make them listen. I already wanted to pay forward the help you gave me, but I didn't think I'd be doing it for my own family. That just makes me even more tenacious about it though. This shit isn't right or ok. Help me spread the word. My brother has paperwork, test results, disability papers, cut off slips from medi-cal (or caid, can never remember), all of it. Let's get the news in on this and help a family that got fucking destroyed. My brother is one of us too. He's just a dirty lurker and podcaster on Low(er) Tier with Used, SayWord and myself. You guys just showed me we don't let our own go down like that, so let's attack.


Indiegogo: http://igg.me/at/Rebuildaftermold/x/4054050

Channel 3 Sacramento: http://www.kcra.com/tv/contact

Thank you again Dtoid for your help.

-Love Phil.

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