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9:33 AM on 05.31.2012

Injustice: Gods Among Us- NetherRealm's new fighting game (updated)

Gamespot broke the story. NetherRealm, the team behind Mortal Kombat, is making a DC Universe fighting game that looks pretty fucking cool. Check out the trailer and Ed Boon interview linked below.

With Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe being the weaker of the newer Mortal Kombat games, I don't know how great this can be, but if they try to do something different and not as connected to Mortal Kombat, it can be great.

I'm just wondering if the over-the-top fighting gameplay we saw will really be as crazy as it looks. Superman being able to uppercut you into space and knock you back onto Earth seems a bit overpowered if you ask me. Also, it seems like the game will have some difference in how you can interact with the environment depending on what character you play. Batman will use gadgets, but 'power characters' like Wonder Woman and Superman can throw shit at you. Sounds crazy, and I'm excited to see more at E3.

Now go ahead and beg for Mortal Kombat characters as DLC. You know you want to.

UPDATE: Here's some new pics from the game. Not screenshots, but still:

I just wonder what the fuck Batman's doing with bad guys in the second pic. And what's with The Flash's armor? Color me REALLY FUCKING INTERESTED in this game.

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7:49 AM on 05.31.2012

We Need a New Mortal Kombat Game

Warning: Spoilers of MK9 ahead.

No, I'm not going to bitch about how there's no word on a sequel to MK9 yet. Just getting that out of the way.

So I saw the article on NetherRealm releasing a video showing off the Vita version of MK9 and that got me thinking about the possibility of a NetherRealm reveal of something new at E3. Boon loves to have awesome reveals, and E3 is the perfect place to show off a secret project like MK10, or maybe they'll call it MK2, or have a new subtitle or some shit. Point is: I hope they don't do that.

Now, don't get me wrong. I loved MK9, LOVED it. The way NetherRealm brought back the old way of playing Mortal Kombat and gave players the freedom to make their own combos is great, but the story was only decent and once again returned to the old story to retell the events of the invasion of EarthRealm.

They've done this before. In fact, MK9 is the third return to the 'classic' Mortal Kombat games' story and do something different. First was Shaolin Monks, which was a different take on how the events of Mortal Kombat 2 took place, in a way that killed pretty much all the bad guys (unless you're an Albino covered in tattoos) and made any EarthRealm guy besides Liu Kang and Kung Lao look weak or useless.

Then Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe showed up, taking the characters of Mortal Kombat 3 and throwing them into a fight between them, the DC Universe heroes and villains, and Dark Kahn (Darkseid and Shao Kahn jumbled together). It was more of an original story, but the characters and events preceding the story were all about the classic MK. I mean, hell, Liu Kang wasn't dead and Shao Kahn was the ruler of Outworld, so that's pretty much what they had going on before the game started.

After that, of course, comes this next return to the old with Mortal Kombat 9, which not only revisits the old Mortal Kombat games (specifically the Mortal Kombat 1-3 stories) but technically continues the story that Armageddon left us off at, with Raiden getting the shit kicked out of him by Shao Kahn, who was somehow victorious in the race for power despite being flown off by Onaga in the (canon) cinematic the game starts with.

Sure, the MK9 story was fairly interesting, and the ending was surprising to say the least, but the second timeline deal we're stuck with is silly. We know the big shit that happens next. If Shang Tsung is gone, Deadly Alliance can't happen, but Onaga's still going to come back at some point, and then Armageddon happens. Some may have thought that Raiden stopped that by killing Shao Kahn, but he really just stopped Future Kahn from breaking his amulet, which means anything else but that specific series of events can happen. Khan can some back, or Onaga can 'win' and get ultra-power, or Shinnok can fuck everyhone up with his army of dead heroes and become super-powerful.

What we need is an end to the storyline. Just have the Shinnok story and Armageddon all wrapped up in a fucking bow, preferably in the probably upcoming MK10, and then just wipe the slate clean like we thought would happen after Armageddon. All we need is that one game that allows similar events to happen in Armageddon that leads to the characters being mostly wiped out, then bring new heroes to the fight between realms for power, which really is a much better story than the realm exploding because people are strong and they can shoot fireballs and shit. Seriously, that's pretty much what Armageddon is about.

So I suggest this: after the events of Mortal Kombat 10, which ends the story once and for all, the gods decide to hold tournaments between all the realms, and the winner gets some shit like a wish or something. When the prize for winning the Twisted Metal tournament is better than not being invaded by S&M freaks that wear skulls as masks and mutants with knives in their arms, there's something that needs to change.

Or just have them fight the Marvel guys now. Get Deadpool and Spider-Man in that shit without a weak-ass character creator. Also put in a character creator so I can make Hydra or robots and shit.   read

5:45 PM on 05.03.2012

Elder Scrolls Online might just be more of the same

Just made an account for the first time. So, you know, hi.

So it's official: there's an Elder Scrolls MMO on the way. Now we can do everything that made Skyrim great, but in a multiplayer setting!


I don't think so.

From what we know, Elder Scrolls Online will take place about 1000 years before Skyrim, which places it around 500 years into the Second Era. Three different factions, symbolized by a dragon, eagle and lion, are all trying to claim the Emperor's throne, but the Daedra Prince Molag Bal is trying to bring Tamriel into his plane of Oblivion.

So that sounds cool, though it sounds a lot like a combination of Oblivion's Daedric Prince invading, Skyrim's multiple factions at war, and the classic fantasy concept of multiple groups trying to claim the throne. Overall, cool ideas that sound like it has more going on than the typical MMO's story (WoW, for example, didn't really have a main plot until the first expansion; TOR has the Sith returning but not much else).

The problem isn't the story, though. It's the gameplay.

That's what Elder Scrolls is. Fallout 3 and New Vegas prove that the open-world gameplay is what makes Elder Scrolls such an awesome and unique-feeling series, especially with new additions such as Dual Wielding and Shouts in Skyrim. But can any of these awesome gameplay elements that make Elder Scrolls what it is be transferred to an MMO format?

I compiled a list of the type of Skyrim-y things you can do, and many of them would be tricky or impossible to do in ESO. First, let's look at the things we can still do (kinda) in an Elder Scrolls MMO:

-Play through guild storylines: While this is true, it'll be interesting to see how the storylines end, if they do, without the usual format of the player character becoming Guildmaster. Usually an MMO will have you play a 'one of many' role, where you're nothing special because you're a soldier, a mercenary, a hired hand; if ESO does this, then you can't logically have the player characters all become the leader of the Fighter's Guild or Dark Brotherhood. And, if they do that anyway, what's next after being Guildmaster? There's no moving up from there.
-Choose how you grow as a character: also a tricky concept. Either you'll have actual classes to choose from in ESO, or you'll be able to pick up any weapon, spell or ability and train the skills in a way akin to World of Warcraft's old weapon skill system (back before the later expansions, the more you used an axe or sword, the more that skill would raise). It may be good to give the players freedom, but why would anyone make an alt character if everything's available from the beginning?
-Explore: while this is true, how small will Tamriel feel when you have flying mounts? Think of how quick it would be to fly from the Imperial City to Whiterun? From the Summerset Isles to Solstheim?
-Collecting crafting ingredients: hopefully there'll be more to this than regular MMOs, but that's just wishful thinking.
-Crafting armor and weapons: this interests me, because it begs the question: how many different armor types will there be? There's, what, about ten different basic armor types in Skyrim? And that's light and heavy armor. I wonder how that'll change with ESO.
-Sneak: if there's classes, there's no need for a warrior to know how to sneak well.
-Choosing from various races: the ten Elder Scrolls playable races will likely all be back. Maybe they'll be linked to one of the three factions, but it's a safe bet to say that they'll all return.
-Guardian Stones and Shrines of the Nine Divines: I see these easily becoming buffs you can grab in towns and shrines in the wilderness, but the MMO may just leave them out.

Now here's a list of things that MAY come from Elder Scrolls games to an MMO:

-Owning property: While I'm not the biggest Everquest 2 fan, their housing system could be worse. At least you wouldn't have to kill someone for their own home.
-Collecting books: this could be a great side profession. Finding out more about Tamriel through books would draw many lore-loving Elder Scrolls fans, and having collectors give rewards to the players would give people who don't care about lore their own reason for grinding that profession.
-Companions: MMOs have, in the past, grouped player characters with companions, and some games like EQ2 have mercenaries you pay for helping you, which could bring some much-needed assistance to weaker players. Let's just hope they don't stand in doorways like douchebags.
-Player marriage: Gay marriage haters may try to ruin this idea by protesting, and Zenimax could possibly fold because of this; besides, that cute Breton girl you're paying 50 gold to marry you is probably a guy anyway.
-Kill any NPC: it wouldn't be perma-death, but hey, I wanna kill Vivec in a 40-man raid, so I want it in the game.
-Becoming a werewolf/vampire: transforming into a werewolf for 60 seconds doesn't sound exactly crazy, and with all the different forms of the vampire disease, what says we can't have vampires that are fine in sunlight? I just hope they don't sparkle.
-Playing in good first-person: likely won't happen, and even if it does, the world wouldn't have the same Elder Scrolls vibe anyway, but it's possible that they'll see it as an important enough part of the Elder Scrolls games to add it in.

And here's the final list, of things that WILL NOT HAPPEN in Elder Scrolls Online:

-Killing dragons/using shouts: dragons weren't in Tamriel 1000 years before Skyrim, so fighting them and gaining the ability to shout are off the table. Maybe the Greybeards will teach you how to use 'Fus' after a decade of practice.
-Skill books: MMOs use experience points and levels to grow characters; skill books would, at best, be a profession that gives xp for each book you read (and could double as lore-collecting, as I mentioned earlier).
-Stealing/moving things around you: won't happen in a MMO. I wish it could, but that gameplay element can't work in an MMO world.
-Anything involving a physics engine: this is what made Skyrim so much better than the other Elder Scrolls games. Shouting someone off a mountain, or freezing a bear down a slope, neither will be possible in an MMO.
-Learning how to do EVERYTHING with one character: Not everyone will be able to do everything unless Zenimax wants everyone to only have one character. I'm betting the skill system will not be in ESO at all, and will be replaced with either classes or archetypes (fighter, mage, thief).
-Random encounters: can't work in an MMO. Mobs stay put or move when needed, so don't expect to run into random bandits along the road.
-Looting pretty much anything from the dead: SPEAKING of bandits, it'll suck that this won't happen, but I can't possibly see an MMO having you able to take all of the equipped items from a corpse and being able to wear or wield them. That's how many people like myself upgraded gear in Oblivion, but be glad it wasn't a huge part of Skyrim's equipment getting because now you're not used to it in an Elder Scrolls game.

In conclusion, I wonder what the Zenimax Online team will take from previous Elder Scrolls games, besides the actual world and lore, and bring into the MMO they're making. They've already been quoted as to saying that their goal is to make the greatest MMO ever, but will that mean cherry-picking good gameplay elements from other MMOs or trying to 'innovate' in a way like TOR did with their attempts at making a story-focused MMO?

Oh, also, here's some other gameplay questions that I haven't heard many people mention:
-Will the game's graphics look more realistic, like Everquest, or more cartoony, like WoW and TOR?
-Will players make their own guilds or be able to join the existing ones?
-If players can't make their own guilds, but can form guild-like groups, what will that be called?
-Will all of Tamriel be included in the game from the beginning?
-If the world includes all of Tamriel, will all expansions be like WoW's Cataclysm or will the players travel to other continents and planes of Oblivion?

And most importantly, what mounts, besides horses, could exist? With rumors of Skyrim DLC having other creatures to ride appear in the game, it's not a crazy idea. I want an Argonian mount who can fight by my side as a companion when I'm not being carried by him. And now, after thinking about it, so do you.

And I know what you're thinking: "Why not Khakiit?" Because I'm not a furry, that's why.

But there ARE scalies, which is somehow even more creepy, and I don't wanna be connected to those creepers.

I'll just have my in-game wife be my mount. And if NPCs can't be spouses, then they'll just have to allow player characters to hop onto each other and use them as mounts.

But you have to be married first. No premarital mounting.

Okay, I gotta stop now or I'll keep going. Point is, ESO can't have the same gameplay type that the Elder Scrolls series is known for, which begs the question: why the fuck are they making an MMO in the same world? Keep in mind, however, that World of Warcraft is the biggest MMO today, and was made from the RTS Warcraft series, which has absolutely nothing but basic artistic style and story connecting the two. So maybe ESO doesn't have to be a like the Elder Scrolls games to be the next big MMO, but I can still be grumpy about the lack of dragon shouts. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for some kind of Greybeard class, even if I can't shout my wife off the Throat of the World.   read

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