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PhilCRinger's blog

9:33 AM on 05.31.2012

Injustice: Gods Among Us- NetherRealm's new fighting game (updated)

Gamespot broke the story. NetherRealm, the team behind Mortal Kombat, is making a DC Universe fighting game that looks pretty fucking cool. Check out the trailer and Ed Boon interview linked below. With Mortal Kombat VS DC U...   read

7:49 AM on 05.31.2012

We Need a New Mortal Kombat Game

Warning: Spoilers of MK9 ahead. No, I'm not going to bitch about how there's no word on a sequel to MK9 yet. Just getting that out of the way. So I saw the article on NetherRealm releasing a video showing off the Vita versi...   read

5:45 PM on 05.03.2012

Elder Scrolls Online might just be more of the same

Just made an account for the first time. So, you know, hi. So it's official: there's an Elder Scrolls MMO on the way. Now we can do everything that made Skyrim great, but in a multiplayer setting! Right? I don't think so. ...   read

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