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Phil0926's blog

7:38 PM on 02.15.2011

PC Gamings slow inevitable death

I guess I should start this with an introduction. The names Phil, and I have been a pretty avid PC gamer since Rocko's Modern Life used to come on Nickelodeon, and unfortunately I'm sad to announce that I have recently come to terms with the inevitable death of my preferred platform. Before you start your flame war let me clarify a few things. No, I'm not gonna go on a big piracy rant, and I'm not gonna gonna suck any console dicks. Im simply realizing how things have come to be and figured I'd give my insight.

I guess I should elaborate on my definition of death. I'm not a fucking moron, I realize that the chances of PC Gaming going completely away are about as likely as Steve Gutenberg making a comeback movie career. I simply mean the days of big LAN conventions, sponsored competitive gaming, and packed MMORPGS will eventually make their transformations to newer platforms, which have pretty much happened already MLG is primarily Halo and COD focused and Graal online (which maybe 4 of you will notice. It's a 12 year old PC game for those who don't know) has went to iOs. And why might you ask? Well for starters there's simply too many fucking versions of windows now. You got Windows XP, Vista, and 7 AND 32 and 64 bit versions of each. And yes I know most people are on 32, many of you will say 64 sucks blah blah blah who gives a shit. Point is, all 6 version are widely used and all handle different hardware and software differently which is basically a giant fuck you to game developers. Add that with hardware upgrades and console prices and a loss of dedicated servers, e entually people are going to move to other platforms. So sure the numbers will still be there but they'll be A LOT lower.

I myself have moved on to an iPad. No, I'm not a rich yuppie sitting in Starbucks drinking a 4 dollar cup of coffee. I'm an overweight twenty something who works at a Home Depot and just chooses to take his retail rage out on big corporations. Regardless of who I am, I am a fan of my iPad. Sure I don't have the freedom of android. But you know what i a got a pretty fucking nice piece of hardware which I also use as a music production tool (which you can't do on an iPhone or iPod touch, so save that shit for someone else) and it's got some nice fucking games on it. Anyways that's my two cents. Let the flames begin.   read

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