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posting because I'm an attention loving cuntnugget

On DeviantArt, there's this thing called the improvement meme where one inputs all of his or her work into the corresponding slots for the years they were drawn in so that everyone can see how their respective art style has evolved from furries to furries with wings in the span of five years. I've been neglecting to jump on the bandwagon and do it myself, partly because I don't feel that I've improved enough between the years of 2005 and 2009 to bother showing anybody and partly because I think it is ridiculously pretentious.

However, I've been part of the DToid community for about a year now and since about February 2009, I've been drawing and doodling silly pictures for the site (mostly Podtoid). I've never thought of myself as much of an artist, but while looking back at all of the silly things I've drawn, I noticed that I have improved. Even if it's not that much, I actually feel good about the little bit of "experience" that I have gained while doing something I love for a website that I love full of people I love.

Thank you Destructoid. I fucking love you.

Since, as you can see, I'm not too good with words, please enjoy this terribly pretentious, poorly thrown together collage of some of the Destructoid related art that I have drawn this past year.

Thanks again Destructoid, and onward to 2010!!
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Phallus Knife Fight
11:57 PM on 04.17.2009

I can hear gunshots outside my, if I'm dead tomorrow, whatevs. Its the end of the semester, so I've been really busy. Also, did anyone celebrate-- er, rather participate in Silence Day?

Obligatory RevLinde stuff.

I wish spring break would come back... Anyhoo, this is what you came for so I'll just get this over with...

I'm really not pleased with how it came out. It's really hard to draw five people sharing a Speedo, or maybe I just can't draw at all. I'd like to see RandomBullseye, ART MASTER, try it...

Screw you destructoid, you made me draw a furry.

Is it me or is it that whenever Jim starts talking about Sonic, he's actually euphemistically referring to himself?

Screw you Sarkar. Just kidding, I really love you. tee hee.

Hey, are the images all blown up and oversized when you look at them or is that just from my end? Can anyone help me with this?
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The sexiest three year old I've ever been with. My tablet is breaking/dying of AIDS.

EDIT: Yeah, its supposed to be Hamza's avatar, I can't draw. Sorry.
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Its been a busy week for me. My Anatomy & Physiology II class started and its got me clocking 12 hour days not including extra study time. BAWWWW

Finally got around to doing this.

user Riotmonster. Sorry about it being utter garbage and all.

This is CANON. I saw it.

I realize that I can't draw Summa. Also, I have a lot of sketches containing Mr. Sarkar dressed like this, Tegaki doesn't allow nudity though. HURR.
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