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2:54 AM on 04.11.2008

Sakurai Gives Warning to Perverted Brawl Players

Yes I am technically new, i don't care. No i didn't steal this from Gamespot forums, copypasting your own work is only infringing on my own work. It's not like you guys go to Gamespot forums anyway.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl's camera and replay features have been highly publicized due to the fact that you can export photos and video from your Wii to other Wiis and (with a converter) your PC. I personally find this feature a bit extra for my tastes, but judging from what i have seen posted, some Brawlers have quite an eye for action.

Sakurai has noticed this too, using the Wi-fi download connection to sort though entries to be handed out to other players, Sakurai updated his blog to show a new batch of his favorites. However, he writes this at the bottom of the selection.

"Thanks for all of your submissions!

Please understand that snapshots depicting inappropriate content or containing inappropriate comments will not be eligible for selection.
To this point, I've received a great number of screenshots that focus on peeking at the undergarments of certain Brawl combatants. So let me just say it again—shots like these will never be posted to the Dojo or sent out to users via the Smash Service"

Apparently Sakurai has seen a bit too much action from over-eager brawlers, and feels compelled to tell his readers that although it is possible to see natural pieces of garment, they should not continue to defile the Brawl service with content for mature audiences only. If you care for the game of Brawl and the online service, may this go as a warning that your attempts at a joke are not unique, and very well may be wasting valuable bandwidth for much better uses in Brawl (fighting, spectating, meaningful submissions).

So please stop submitting pictures of Princess Peach's undergament lining, Sakurai (and many others) would be glad if you did.   read

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