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Perfidious Sinn avatar 3:48 PM on 02.13.2010  (server time)
Review: Hawaiian Punch Singles To Go!

I've had a love-hate relationship with Hawaiian Punch for many years. I've always believed that the original flavor is the best: perfect fruit punch flavor, relatively inexpensive, and goes great with Oreos. The hate comes from the spin-off flavors Hawaiian Punch has introduced, which range from great to terrible. So when I acquired three different flavors of their Singles To Go packs, I was cautious, yet anxious.

So now, I'll review the three different flavors of Hawaiian Punch Singles To Go drink mix. These drink mixes were reviewed by mixing them into cheap bottles of Aquafina. I tried mixing it into a few higher-quality waters, but in general they tasted better when mixed with cheap Aquafina.

Singles To Go: Fruit Juicy Red

Fruit Juicy Red is the most popular, and in my opinion, best tasting flavor of Hawaiian Punch. The classic fruit punch flavor from the giant jugs you're accustomed to seeing at cookouts transfers very well here. I'll keep this short and sweet: if you like fruit punch, you will love the Fruit Juicy Red variety of Hawaiian Punch's drink mix.

Sinn Says:

Singles To Go: Wild Purple Smash

Don't let the ridiculous name confuse you, it's just grape-flavored.

I've never really cared for the Wild Purple Smash flavor in its original context. It always tasted kind of strange to me, like it was too sweet. However, it is vastly improved in Singles To Go form. I guess mixing it with water diluted the sugar content, because it tastes great. If you're a fan of grape drink, definitely go for it. However, I must stress here to not mix this with expensive water. I tested this mix with Fiji and 20oz SmartWater and it was really bad. Stick to 12 oz bottles of cheap water. Otherwise, it's great.

Sinn Says:

Singles To Go: Orange Ocean
(sorry for the tiny picture.)

Orange Ocean is Hawaiian Punch's attempt to create an orange drink. And the emphasis here is on "attempt". It tastes slightly like orange, but mostly has a strong taste of mint toothpaste. The orange is there on the first sip, and it's OK. Not the best orange drink I've ever had, but it's OK. However, the aftertaste is absolutely horrendus. Even though this only costs a dollar, I wouldn't recommend this flavor to anyone.

Sinn Says:
So, there's my opinions on some of the Hawaiian Punch Singles To Go flavors. I haven't gotten around to trying the rest yet, but I should soon. If you've tried a flavor of this drink mix that I haven't, please warn me if it is terrible like Orange Ocean so I may properly prepare my tastebuds. Happy Drinking!

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