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11:22 PM on 09.25.2007

Hello thar. Pepillou reporting in. Posting OLD content as always.
Just take a look at the video.

At first I was like "Waht?" but then I was like "Naaah...". Then I spent a long time thinking about it, but I didnīt get to any conclusion. What do you think about it?
The "original" russian song is called Winter Road and was composed by Georgy Sviridov for the movie Metel or The Blizzard or The Snowstorm or Whatever Tickles Your Pickle.
You can download the song from the link in the description of the video, or in case you missed it, from this rapidshit link (which is the same one).
I know... in first place, Kojima wasnīt in charge of the music, but Metal Gear is famous for plagiarism, amirite?

In case you were wondering, this post is almost plagiarism too. Now go play some games.
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