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Do you want to use your amiibos without opening them? Check out this curious trick that has baffled collectors for a couple of weeks!

I think amiibo boxes are nice, and my friends think so too, so we didn't really want to break them open. But as we ALL know, amiibo can't be used while they are inside the box because of a small aluminum (or whatever metally stuff) sheet which blocks the NFC fairies' path.

But life finds a way. And so do wannabe collectors like me.

teh tools

I grabbed a cutter and cut the plastic at the bottom back of the box to see if the aluminum was under the plastic base. And it was! But it was attached with some darn good glue, so it was not peeled off easily.

You can press both sides of the box to make the gap a little wider and insert the cutter or your finger (if it's skinny). Start scraping the border with the cutter or your nails. Once it's coming off, you can pull it with some tweezers (but the aluminum might break) or just keep scraping with the cutter.

You might need some support too, though, so if you put the box on your leg or a table just be careful not to crush the cardboard part, and don't press too hard or you might crush the plastic.

It was about luck, really. Some amiibos have an aluminum sheet with unattached borders, so they can be completely peeled with tweezers/cutter/finger. If you are not lucky enough and the aluminum bit won't come easily, you can scrape it with the cutter.

I did a shitty job with this Marth but it can still be read by the Game Pad.

In the end you'll have your usable boxed amiibo and a sore finger, if you actually used it.

I should have blogged about this earlier, sorry :( Do it with the second wave or whatever. Also, I just found out there are youtube videos telling how to. Goddamnit.