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Tzarscream avatar 11:45 AM on 12.11.2008  (server time)
Home: Everybody GET ON THE HYPE TRAIN!

Home is a good idea.
It elaborated on the Nintendo Mii idea and decided to go one step further from customisable
avatars and created a world for owners to mingle with their friends and play some simple
minigames, eg. Pool. When it was first announced in 2007 thats all it was, a good idea by
Sony, but now its turned into a gigantic hype machine by the Playstation fanboys where

This hype has been generated by the shameless display from Sony by delaying Home
time and again and keeping people that wanted to play it, in the dark and on the edge
of their seats (for no real reason). This caused curiosity among gamers and eventually
became a legend in its own lunchtime because of the mystery question, "when will it
actually be released".

Now we are here at the release of the open beta for Home (still not even been officially
released...) and Playstation owners are going f***king mental over it. At the moment it's
not even hit the PSN store (to my knowledge) and the tension around the fans is intense.
People just want to see what they have been missing out on for over a year and because
of this its going to get hyped to hell by the fanboys and in turn, they are going to get flame
baited by the 360 owners that feel the need to critisise Home because it is for the enemy
Console, and we can't allow the opposition to have a better avatar function than us can we?

Hype is the black death of games, for example Mirrors Edge was a good concept and
had original gameplay, but was destroyed by the hype of the impressionable gamers
that see a teaser trailer and automatically judge the whole game on a few seconds
of actual gameplay.

Prepare mature gamers, the next few months will be rife with Home Vs NXE arguments.
Then again, looking at the track record of the common gamer, we have seen much worse.

P.S. Woot first blog entry.

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