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Tzarscream avatar 10:48 AM on 03.16.2010  (server time)
Happy 4th Birthday Destructoid

I'm not gonna say I was here from the beginning, because I wasn't, however the time I have spent here has been baller. I found out about Destructoid late 2008 and it has been my homepage or in a tab ever since. There's an air of character about it, the news posts are frequent and mirror the personality of the author, the editorials are often funny and/or interesting, the podcasts are consistently hilarious and the community feels close to each other.

Destructoid has also affected my life outside of just the internet too. The Podcasts have offered me viewpoints on gaming that I had never even considered before hand and subsequently doubled my interest and enthusiasm for games. Even more importantly, the fun that the writers seem to have when they write for Destructoid opened my eyes to acknowledge that I too want that kind of career. Writing about something you feel pasionately about and providing alternative viewpoints is something that I am very interested in and has affected my choices for University courses.

So Happy 4th Birthday Destructoid and Niero and I hope to keep reading the site for many years to come.

[/Destructoid Fanboy]

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