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Peg Pelvis Pete's blog

1:44 PM on 08.13.2010

Belated intro.

After several weeks of saying to myself "I oughta write an intro blog" and puttin' it off until the day after... And the day after... And the day after... I figured it was high time I get off my lazy bum and properly introduce myself to the DToid community. After all, coming around here and just gettin' straight to the blogging is like walkin' up to a bunch of strangers and joining in their conversation out of the blue. Some folks might not mind, but most of the time you'll get looks of bewilderment that just say "Who the hell are YOU?"

Obviously it ain't my real name, but you can just call me Peg Pelvis Pete. Nineteen years old. Was born and raised in the swampy, frantic lil' city of Miami and moved to Costa Rica about six months ago. The nature's beautiful and the atmosphere's all relaxed, blah blah, all that stuff that people say about this place is pretty much true (No, dinosaurs don't exist here). But frankly I'd like to move back to the States sometime - While I'm not one to be ungrateful for the chill vibes around here, I'd prefer to be back where there was always something to do, someone to hang out with, a place where there's always something happening. It's pretty stagnant around here.

A feverish love of video games runs through my veins and has done so since the days of my youth (As if I was some old geezer typing right now...), hittin' up the arcades at five years old and playing Centipede, Ms. Pacman and the Simpsons with a big dumb grin on my face, finding an old Game Boy Pocket lying around with a copy of Donkey Kong Land 2 in it, and sneaking in a chance to play on my cousin's Nintendo 64 when he wasn't looking. To this day my litmus test for games is: If it doesn't slap that old dumb grin on my face and keep it fixated there, then it just ain't a good game.

A gorgeous one-minute doodle of my "game face".

Part of the reason I've always loved games is for the way that they'll surpass our little ideas of logic and throw you headfirst into another world where it's the GAME'S logic that reigns supreme, and all the surrealism that can be found in games at their best. I don't really enjoy games that adhere to some dumb cliche such as the "grizzled manly Hollywood protagonist" or "real is brown" or attempt to put you in some realistic setting... Nor do I enjoy games that sacrifice gameplay quality for the sake of a forty hour long "story" (Which means that I almost never enjoy RPG's. The "Mario and Luigi" series is probably the only RPG series I've really liked, for the sole reason that it's funny as all hell and you don't have to sit there and take the enemy's attack up the ass when it's their turn to attack, if you're skilled enough). The only game that's gotten away with being mostly "story" focused, for me, is Killer 7.

Gimme a game where I can play as a limbless, big nosed "thing" that rides lava flumes on a plum, a lightweight boxer taking on other boxers two times his size that are incarnations of every stereotype imaginable, fighting games with maniacal dictators that ooze purple glowy stuff fueled by hatred and sumo wrestlers who shoot themselves across the screen like a bullet. Games where I'm just some lazy dude who happens to get the right hand of God and pummel the snot out of demons disguised as thugs, games where a small soldier with unlimited ammunition in his/her gun can destroy a mile high war-machine, games where a comic-book artist gets pulled into his own artwork by the villain and has to fight his way out, or where you're a small green prince rolling up towns into planets, or where the main character goes through a mansion pummeling all the monstrosities in his way, powered by a creepy looking mask...

Well, to keep myself from rambling about all these games I like, I'll keep it short: I like anything with some creativity and imagination. That alone makes a game good to me.

Music, films, books and games are all connected, to me. The same qualities that I look for in music, for example - If it has soul, if it doesn't take itself seriously, if it's raw, if it's uncluttered, if it's got rhythm and funk - Are what I look for in games. Every game's got its own rhythm, the ones with the funk are the ones that I'm drawn to.

So... At this moment of writing, I don't really know what else to say. These days I mostly just daydream, draw, fiddle around on my guitar, watch old movies, play a few online rounds of Super Street Fighter IV on the big monolith from Space Odyssey: 2001, AKA the PS3, and fire up some of my older systems when I'm through with that. Other random facts: My favorite movie ever is the Scorcese flick "Raging Bull" and I highly doubt you'll ever show me another cartoon I'll love as much as Ren & Stimpy. I also have an obscene interest in horror-related things. Football/soccer and boxing are my two favorite sports, although I have yet to try my luck in the ring for the latter (And have an insatiable urge to do so). Despite the fact that I'll play games from various genres, I'll always easily fall in love with any old school arcade style stuff that requires the reaction time of a squirrel on crack.

I suppose that's it for now. As cheesy as it sounds I'm glad to be participating in this awesome community (in some shape or another). I hope to come out of the woodwork and write blogs more often, as opposed to just lurking the c-blogs and reading the latest articles daily.   read

2:43 PM on 07.24.2010

Yoshinori Ono, you mischevous little imp.

Howdy folks. I'm aware that I have yet to write an introductory blog, which I'll get around to doing later (I'm a lazy bastard at times). But I felt the need to write this brief little post as I sit here watching a LiveBlog streaming of the events goin' down at the Street Fighter panel at Comic-Con. As you'd imagine, there's lots of insanity, riots breakin' out, people drowning in their own uncontrollable spew of saliva, brought on by the sheer excitement of every announcement that everyone's favorite producer of the Street Fighter IV series, Yoshinori Ono, is rolling out with delight.

Well maybe that's how it is over at the actual panel, anyway.

I recall reading a post somewhere - It might've been in the sea of hilarious (and occasionally wallbanger-inducing) comments on Event Hubs - that was, jokingly, predicting what Ono would announce at the panel, and how he'd do it, in a manner that sounded eerily accurate: "We will have SOMETHING on the way for DLC! But we cannot discuss that at this moment!" "There MIGHT be a big game coming!" Crap like that. Anyone who's remotely acquainted with the way the guy writes on his Twitter feed can agree that the snide remark actually isn't too far from Ono's style.

After enjoying a brief giggle, a feeling of slight concern came over me, and I thought to myself, "Shit, what if this guy's actually right?" Ono's been beatin' around the bush for a long while before Comic Con, making little vague, cloudy announcements almost exactly like that. With rumors floating about of a possible new Darkstalkers game (a series that really, really, REALLY needs more love), DLC characters for Super Street Fighter IV (The general consensus was that Alex and Rolento were going to fill in the two blank slots from the screenshot of the arcade version that spread across the net like wildfire), and a "big game announcement", there was, to put it very mildly, a big spark of rabid interest and hype for what was possibly gonna go down today at noon at the Con. As for me, I was pullin' my hair out hoping my main from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, the German Giant Hugo, would be revealed. (But really, anyone would have been fine.) But come on, give the guy more love than just shovin' him in workin' a lame construction job on one of the stages, eh?

Thus, the LiveBlog started, and Ono walks out. A slight feeling of dread comes over me. "Ono, you sly bastard, just get straight to the good shit." He starts discussing his Twitter feed in his own, impish, cute way, "So who has been following my Twitter feed? WHO WILL FOLLOW IT NOW?" Frankly, the abundance of that Blanka doll the dude totes around in all his photos is enough to put anyone off of his feed, but that's another story.

That thing reminds me of a much more malicious version of the world-traveling gnome from Amelie. A little part of me dies everytime I see it.

Grinding my teeth in anticipation for the guy to get to the good shit, the MEATY stuff, he whips out the word "Darkstalkers" and my ears perk up. I'm feelin' like a little kid waiting for his parents to give him some big surprise or something. "This is a Street Fighter panel, not a Darkstalkers panel buuuut..."

"HOW MANY OF YOU WOULD LIKE A DARKSTALKERS GAME?" Everyone cheers and goes nuts at this question. "How many of you have WALLETS? RAISE A DOLLAR AND WE'LL TAKE A PICTURE TO SHOW CAPCOM PEOPLE WANT DARKSTALKERS!" Everyone does so, and a picture was taken of the crowd whippin' out them dollar bills, but I'm still hoping that he'll mention at least SOMETHING more about the series. Alas, he just moves straight on to Super Street Fighter IV.

Wait, what? Seriously? Already I'm starting to suspect that the guy's going to be the vague little magical imp that he always is in his comments. Granted, my expectations of this panel were slightly influenced by a list of rumors that was quickly taken down from, I believe, the Shoryuken forums, one of the rumors in the list being a new Darkstalkers game with some new characters. But I decided to just let the way the guy jumps from Darkstalkers after talking about it for a minute or so slide.

Name someone in this picture besides Morrigan and Felicia.

At the risk of dragging on too long, I'll just keep it brief - The guy unabashedly trolls the Street Fighter community by bringing up the fact that everyone's been asking him about who might fill in the two aformentioned blank slots in the SSFIV arcade screenshot, and... (Drum roll) "We will go into this further at Tokyo Game Show in September!"

My blue balls are getting bluer by the minute.

A definite highlight (Almost enough to make up for the previous hazy little announcements) of the panel was his announcement that "we haven't forgotten about Street Fighter 3: Third Strike", and thus the game was announced for future release for online play. I love that game to death, the way all the characters ooze personality and attitude, the strangeness of the cast, the bangin' music - Shit, I'm gushing about it again. I'll save that for another time. The excitement was mitigated a little bit by yet ANOTHER vague remark - "It is not planned for release in the immediate future any time soon! But it is coming!" Well, good to know, Mr. Ono. But seriously, enough with the blurry facts and just give us something solid that we can really just chew on.

That's right. Your eyes don't deceive you. I wish they deceived mine though.

Tekken vs. Street Fighter? Wait I'm sorry, "Tekken CROSS Street Fighter."

Now I'll be honest: I have no reason to bash this announcement. It'll go and settle all these sickening arguments fans of Tekken have with fans of Street Fighter about which game is better. (It's like comparing apples and oranges folks. If you wanna compare something to Street Figher, at least use another 2D fighter, folks.) I'm not the biggest fan of Tekken and find its characters somewhat dull compared to the pretty eccentric cast that populates the Street Fighter series. (Yeah, I know Tekken has its share of weirdos. Street Fighter doesn't let you beat the shit outta someone as a bear, I'll give you that.)
A shaky video of the game's preview.

But really. I find it a little difficult to be excited for this game in the same manner I'll get pumped for, say, Marvel vs. Capcom 3. My knowledge of the labyrinthine storylines that the Marvel characters have participated in in their respective comics is somewhat limited (Compared to the hardcore comic book crowd), but all the same, they're characters that people can get behind and go "These guys are FUCKIN' AWESOME". I could be totally wrong, but for me to experience that level of interest in this game, you'd have to, well, somewhat like Tekken, or at least be acquainted with the Tekken series. I fall into the latter category.

I'll readily admit that the early preview for this game in the video doesn't look that bad - Tagging in a partner, MvC style, looks like a great mechanic (But tag-teams generally always are for me). The game will probably turn out great, but would I get it? I'm not entirely sure but I'm leaning torwards "no" at this moment.

Anyway the point is, Mr. Ono-san, you deserve a medal for being one non-specific ass motherfucker. But you might just consider this blog post just a Street Fighter fan expressing his disappointment. You better reveal some solid shit at Tokyo Game Show come September, otherwise, you're gonna find your Blanka doll's head lyin' next to you as you wake up one morning. Did I mention the guy showed up to the panel in his robe and slippers?   read

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