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Pedro Cortes avatar 1:00 AM on 09.01.2008  (server time)
My 'work space', or all of my cool shit.

Agreed Luigi, agreed.

Anyway, I'm somewhat cross-posting this from my blog on Tomopop, however this encompasses my whole'work area' and not just the figures.

Walking into my room, this would the first thing you would see, as long as your vision is better than my shitty camera. That bright red thing at the bottom of the pic is a blanket covering my work/gaming chair, purchased at Sears for a mere $20. The fan behind it is used to keep me from overheating in the insane heat of my room. As for the book case, you'll see it later.

This is the wall next to my bed. You'll notice a theme here, mostly of my Gurren Lagann obsession (it's really damn good). That poster was yoinked at Otakon from the Bandai booth the day my Miami group went out in costume. The print of Garlock Simon was also picked up that day. The current highlight of the wall is the mecha girl which was in the latest issue of Megami, the Pedo Bear's favorite magazine. She's a delectable combination of Veritech and moƩ.

On the other side of the bed are some more posters, this one a bit more varied. Besides the amazingly GAR pic of Kenpachi, there are posters of Gustav Klimpt's "The Kiss" and the original Matrix. Despite my disappointment with the rest of the series, the first film is still a favorite of mine. Oh, and don't fuck with John Locke. Motherfucker has an entire island on his side.

This is where magical shit happens (work, art, gaming, etc.) My TV is a 26" 720p Olevia that also serves as my monitor for my compy. It's cluttered, it's messy, I love it. I have my games in the upper right cupboard. I would post a pic of it, only my shitty camera ran out of juice when I went to take a pic of it. I basically have a ton of PS2 and DS games, a bunch of them unplayed. Also there are my GBA games, Wii, and PS3 games. I've had waaaaaaaay more in my time, yet my urge for certain games has lead me to trade in quite a few games, usually leading to traders remorse.

Here is where most of my money went before I got more into collection statues. In this bookcase lies my anime and manga, as well as part of my DVD collection which spreads from the black bookcase to the left to the bottom row of the brown case. The second row contains my artbooks and my all of my Megami, which is slowly taking over the shelf. The middle shelf has my manga and a couple of plushies. The top two shelves house my anime collection, which is sorely behind in many different series. The second row from the top also has my PS3 arcade stick that refuses to work with SC4, as I mentioned earlier. It hasn't been used since, but I suppose I should go and see what I can do to make that son of a bitch work.

Finally, if you desire escape you must use this door. It has yet another TTGL poster on it, as well as my Kyle Rainer poster, still the best Green Lantern out there (I'm looking at you Hal).

That's all folks. Again, if you want to see my figs, check me out at Tomopop.

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