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Pedro Cortes avatar 11:26 PM on 03.27.2009  (server time)
Japanese pop-star and Mother 3 Handbook = Excellent Friday!

Today was a severely win-filled day. Normally I work 12-5 on Friday's, then go out with my girlfriend and/or
friends. That's already an improvement from the rest of the week when I have to think about homework,
etc. However, this Friday trumped other Fridays on several intense levels. I got the day off to go wait in line
South Beach in front of a make up store called Sephora. This isn't normally along my line of interests,
there was a guest coming later that night that warranted my early (at least for me) wake up.

For those that have played Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Utada Hikaru should be a familar. For those that are not,
she's an incredibly popular J-Pop star (she has the best selling album EVER in Japan) who sang the
openings of
both games. For some odd reason, Sephora was promoting her latest english album, This is the One and
they decided to send her to Miami. Being a devout fan of hers, I made sure to inform the correct parties, and
found myself in line with Taticakes,
SakuChan, Andres Cerrato of Tomopop fame, my friend Jabel and the one and only Colette Bennett!

Saku, Jabel, Me, and Taticakes, with Andres and fiancÚ in the background.

So after waiting for about 6-7 hours in line, we got in, without and RSVP no less! For details on the show,
an eye out on Japanator, but after about an hour and some initial disappointment, everybody walked out with
signed photo of Utada, which made me week.

Utada pic, behind my Eye Up Yoko,
it will remain until I can afford a frame for it!

After the show, we all went out to an excellent Japanese restaurant. Post-dinner, we said our goodbyes and
went home. When I get home, I find an interesting package. Inside the package I find this!

My Mother 3 guide book came after months of anxious waiting. I
know Scary Womanizing Pig Mask already
made a post about his book, but I couldn't resist snapping a couple of photos of my book and the other
goodies it came with. Stuff like...

my Courage Badge, along with a sketch of Tessie and the Starman logo, which will be going on my car
tomorrow morning.

A good day overall I'd say :-D

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