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Pedro Cortes's blog

8:54 PM on 11.23.2010

Play It Again Dro - Mirror's Edge

Like a lot of college students, I'm broke. I've got a couple movies and figures (for sister site Tomopop) on preorder, but I don't have any games coming up any time soon. I figure this is a good time to go revisit my back c...   read

11:26 PM on 03.27.2009

Japanese pop-star and Mother 3 Handbook = Excellent Friday!

Today was a severely win-filled day. Normally I work 12-5 on Friday's, then go out with my girlfriend and/or my friends. That's already an improvement from the rest of the week when I have to think about homework, school...   read

11:35 AM on 10.17.2008

Mother 3 Handbook, worth your scratch!

So like any good Mother fan, I anxiously scooped up the translation to Mother 3 the second I saw it released. Upon downloading it, I noticed that the good folks that did the hard work are also releasing a Handbook to go al...   read

1:00 AM on 09.01.2008

My 'work space', or all of my cool shit.

Agreed Luigi, agreed. Anyway, I'm somewhat cross-posting this from my blog on Tomopop, however this encompasses my whole'work area' and not just the figures. Walking into my room, this would the first thing ...   read

8:28 PM on 08.17.2008

"You got your Chrono Trigger in my Soulcalibur" or "How Mitsurugi learned to point his drill to the heavens."

So a bit before my excursion to Otakon (which you can read a bit more about on Go For Broke at Tomopop) I decided to mess around with the create-a-character in Soulcalibur. That being so, I churned out a few solid pieces of ...   read

2:03 AM on 08.05.2008

Preview of some pics from Yasumicon 2008 with Mr. Destructoid!


3:01 AM on 07.30.2008

How a guy got frustrated with his stick, or Problems with Soulcalibur 4 on PS3

So a couple months back I decided to look for the PS3 arcade stick that Aaron Linde suggested that people buy. Well, I managed to find the very same Hori stick that he was talking about and I've been enjoying it ever since...   read

11:17 AM on 05.07.2008

(kinda VGR, kinda not) Got a lot of stuff done last night, including finishing Ai Yori Aoshi

Having a night to myself while my girlfriend is making another cake (to be posted after the party that it's to be presented at), I decided to do a bit of everything that I haven't had time to do lately. -I played a bit of ...   read

9:28 PM on 05.04.2008

My GF cakes again, less Wii and more 'Wiener' version! (SFW, NVGR)

Hello Ladies and Gents, welcome to Cake corner, with ElfAngel7 and his lovely girlfriend. This time, I bring to you the giant Hot Dog cake with mini burgers and fries all around! The cake is a jelly roll cake with a mars...   read

11:49 AM on 04.14.2008

Chessus Christ on a stick my GF is awesome (cake related)

as I'm under the stress of finals, this won't be a substantive post, however I'd like to post this pic of a cake my girlfriend made for a recent party. As my girlfriend and a friend of mine wish to create a business of cake...   read

6:25 PM on 04.09.2008

Under the crush of games, or how the current release schedule of games will destroy my finances

Me dressed as Alex from Clockwork Orange on Halloween. NVGR, just a funny pic I found on my computer. I may post more random stuff in my posts, if I remember to do so. Anyway, to update on my last post, I'm past Magus in...   read

1:00 PM on 04.04.2008

I'm playing Chrono Trigger instead of my next gen games.

As a particularly devoted fan of Chrono Trigger and Earthbound, I make it a habit to replay each once a year, to remind me of why I love to play videogames. Just like a good book, I've learned what to expect from each game, ...   read

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