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Peattrick's blog

3:25 PM on 06.14.2011

Hackers and the Gaming Industry

This is my first post on the community blog, but I would like to rant a bit since this is getting out of hand.
First of all, the most recent hacking of League of Legends pretty much ruined my night. I have had so much work to do over the past few weeks that I didn't have time to play LoL as much as I'd like. Tonight I had the free time and this happens. And it doesn't just affect me. It affects a lot of the community. Not just the LoL community, but the gaming community as a whole. Who's to say Xbox won't be next? Or WoW? Or any of our other favourite games? It's a shame to see people do such a thing. And for what? Fame? Glory? No, to be a prick. It's hurting the industry, as said in the post. People won't feel safe using gaming as a form of entertainment for fear of having their personal information compromised. This is getting out of hand and I really hope these guys get a nice beating figuratively by the law, and literally in jail, by a big guy named Betsie. That is all.   read

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