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Paul S avatar 6:00 PM on 08.05.2012  (server time)
Goodbye MoMo's

(Photo by Tim Static)

Last week, gaming lost another great place.

It wasn't an arcade. It wasn't a store. In fact, there wasn't anything related to video games as part of the place at all. But many gamers hold it in a high place for what it had played host to over the years.

MoMo's was just outside the campus area of Ohio State. A kind of modern Asian hangout that offered karaoke rooms, billiards, four lanes of bowling, a kitchen offering various Japanese and Korean dishes and a popular selection of bubble tea.

Along with all this, MoMo's also had a large amount of floor space, something that local gamers realized would be ideal for tournaments. Fighting game fans Fugee and Ghaleon saw MoMo's as the ideal place to hold their annual Seasons Beatings tournament, which became of the biggest gaming tournaments in the midwest. And of all the games played, none was more important that Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It was here that some of the best players came to compete, and where the world was introduced to "Mango Sentinals" and the "Curleh Mustache." SB would soon attract the attention of world champions, would host duels between top-tier players and even grudge matches where thousands of dollars was on the line.

MoMo's would also end up becoming the home for the city's own weekly fighting game night. After being in apartments and bar basements, fighting game players were happy to have such a place to play every Wednesday night. From casual tournaments, experimenting with new games and even trying your luck with older, infamous titles.

When the owners announced that they would be closing, local gamers gathered for the last Wednesday night to say goodbye the only way appropriate: tournaments and lots of playing. Old games were brought out, current favorites were contested, and a good time was held by all.

It was a great place for many reasons. An end of a era for fighting game fans.

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