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Paul D Simpson's blog

6:44 AM on 08.07.2012

Fighting Through The Generations: Round One

Street Fighter: The Dawn of the World Warriors The Beginning Street fighter is one of my favourite franchises, it has had a huge influence in the fighting genre. It all began with Street Fighter’s debut in the arcades in ...   read

5:58 AM on 07.27.2012

Fighting Through The Generations: Intro

Fighting games have been around since the late 1970s, and nowadays there is an immense variety of this specific genre. Even if all fighting games share the same principles and goals of beating the living daylights out of your...   read

2:37 AM on 07.25.2012

Next-Gen: A Full Console Package!

One thing i noticed at the start of this console generation especially for the Xbox 360 consumers was this, you would spend over £200 but then still need to buy peripherals such as the wireless adapter or the HD DVD drive whi...   read

5:07 AM on 07.24.2012

Manchester Comic Con 2012

Last weekend I attended Manchester Comic Con so I thought I would shed some light on the event and the various goings on. Compared to Manchester Comic Con 2010, this year the show was much improved, seemed to have a bigger tu...   read

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