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Paul Barber's blog

3:26 PM on 10.30.2010

Review: Tommy Tronic

  Don’t worry, he’s not as cool as this makes him look. Tommy Tronic's, favorite pet dog, Yapz, has been missing for days, and according to the intro screen, Tommy is lost without him. At the sa...   read

8:59 AM on 07.07.2010

An Aside: Red Dead Rape

Still playing Red Dead Redemption but thereís a part of the game thatís really starting to urk me. To the point that I avoid going into cities unless I absolutely have to. Whatís up with all the rape/violence against women in...   read

2:39 PM on 07.01.2010

Video Game Love Stories: Why They Donít Work

When we watch a movie or read a book, itís not hard to believe the love stories. Weíre given two characters, see them interact, hear bits of back story, and watch them fall in love. Happens all the time, no big deal right? T...   read

11:13 AM on 06.24.2010

Cyber Bullying Morality Game: Living in the Grey

When it comes to morality, there tends to be a distinct dissonance between the real world and video games. For the most part, in video games morality is presented as a series of True or False statements. I can either be good ...   read

9:48 AM on 06.21.2010

E3 Best in Show - Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

My best in show from this E3 was surprisingly Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. The potential seen in this demo sold it for me. The game plays as half Castlevania half Beat Ďem Up. Youíre given a thirty room castle that you m...   read

12:33 AM on 06.17.2010

E3: the Unrecogning.

Okay, so I know Iím a noob when it come to the whole E3 thing, but from my perspective, the event is not as cool as what I was lead to believe. Sure the 3DS was ridiculous and awesome, but really, thatís been the only thing w...   read

12:43 PM on 06.16.2010

Tales from an E3 First Timer: Day 1

E3 Day 1 Day one really only consisted of one thing for me. Getting my hands on the 3DS. Which, unsurprisingly was the goal of many who attended the event. The problem with the 3DS is that you really can't record the device ...   read

10:18 PM on 06.14.2010

Tales from an E3 First Timer: Day -1

I'm sitting in my hotel room, mere blocks away from the LA convention center, 8:30pm California time, 10:30pm Arkansas time. I'm already exhausted due to plane travel and lack of sleep last night (too excited, brain would not...   read

11:52 AM on 06.10.2010

Playing for the Other Team #1: Mario

In POT, we look at a variety of different video game characters and explain why theyíre probably gay. Thereís more than you may think. Since this is the first edition of Playing for the Other Team, letís start with the most...   read

12:32 PM on 06.09.2010

Strip Clubs Are More Honestly Portrayed in Video Games Than You May Think

I donít have a lot to say this week. With E3 looming ever closer, most of the news coming out is that so and so company is making an announcement at E3. Not that I typically talk about current video game stuff anyway, I try t...   read

3:28 PM on 06.03.2010

Police Crack Down on Vigilantism in Hollywood

It's like something out of The Watchmen. In LA they're arresting costumed heroes in an attempt to clean up the streets. Looks like the bad guys have won this round.   read

10:09 AM on 06.03.2010

That Old Escapism

I think we can all agree that video games are about escapism, or getting us outside ourselves for a period of time. Even the so-called ďArt GamesĒ are generally about escapism, just on a more obtuse level. Thatís kind of the ...   read

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