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Patters avatar 4:57 PM on 08.13.2009  (server time)
My Journey With Fighting Games.

I used to love fighters, playing Street fighter 2 at my friends house on his SNES, among others including but not limited to Mortal Kombat. At this point we were pretty at them, not knowing how to perform combos or many moves; at this point it was all guess work, for both of us. This made it more enjoyable, I am sure we eventually figured out simple moves and combos. After a few years this friend moved away, so I played no more Street Fighter 2. After this I discovered that we had a fighting game for my Sega Megadrive, the game in question was Brutal: Paws of Fury, this game was not of the same calibre as Street Fighter 2, which isnít to say that it wasnít an enjoyable game for a much younger version of me to play. The characters were excellent for a young child, I will admit that a child would not get the humour contained within which I did not realise existed until fairly recently. So I then played a lot of Brutal, until I got hold of my second games console The Super Nintendo. This lead to a complete lack of fighting games, I spent a lot of time playing platformers instead, such as: Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country and Earthworm Jim; which arenít particularly relevant to this piece.

For my seventh birthday I received a Nintendo 64, again I didnít play many fighters until my uncle sent me his console (yeah I have 2 N64s what of it). With his console there were 6 games, which were: Rogue Squadron, 1080 Snowboarding, Turok 2 (bad game to give a 9 year old), Multi Racing Championship (not only a terrible name but the game wasnít great either), Body Harvest and finally Fighterís Destiny; which allows me to continue. Fighterís Destiny was the first 3D fighting game which I ever played, and in my opinion an excellent way to start. The controls were pretty tight, as were the visuals of the game. This game taught me the importance of quarter circles, if you played as Ryuji and played quarter circle forward and punch you got an instant KO move if it connected (which could be avoided by moving away, sidestepping or attacking whilst the move charged). Again another thing occurred with this game which hadnít in any others, I looked at the move list, then proceeded to learn as many as I could. The cast of the game was excellent, the zany fighters were great, I can beat this guy up... cool, I can do it with an anthropomorphic cow... even better. This was soon followed by what I consider to be one of the best ideas for a game, which would be Super Smash Bros, which along with itís sequel Melee consumed the most of my time of any fighters. They were balanced, had good controls, a decent single player, and a frantic multiplayer. I will not go into more depth on these games as I never considered them part of my fighting game career.

After I had my Gamecube for a while I got hold of an Xbox, for which I bought the second Soul Calibur (Yes I know the Gamecube version had Link but that is irrelevant). I absolutely loved this game, the graphics were excellent, the character design was near perfect and the move system was great. This game furthered my progress into fighting games, making me understand combos more along with throws. Again this had a strong single player which was combined with an excellent multiplayer, which I played a lot of with several friends. A while after this I picked up the Street Fighter anniversary edition for the Xbox, due to nostalgia. Soon after buying it I realised it felt terrible and disconnected, which I quickly blamed on the game and the next day returned it. This was a mistake, which I only realised recently; it was the fault of the Xboxís awful DPad (although it is better than the one on the 360).

More recently on my Xbox 360 I picked up the rerelease of Soul Calibur, which is very good, despite the lack of a single player experience. I feel the same way I do about the second with this, with it being a lower quality of graphics, but with a more balanced feel. Next I move onto Marvel Vs Capcom 2, which is absolutely crazy. I am by no means good at this, which isnít a good thing. Luckily I have a few people on my Xbox Live friends list with roughly the same amount of skill as me (but with a higher level of competence with 2D fighters), which makes the multiplayer experience all the better for me. So following this I have ordered both a copy of Street Fighter 4 along with the standard edition stick, which I intend to modify eventually.
Just a disclaimer to the entire article: I have no claim to be anything above average at any fighting game ever.

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