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Patters avatar 11:53 AM on 08.20.2009  (server time)
Multiple Discs on current Generation consoles.

So with the announcement that RAGE may ship on two separate discs on the Xbox 360, one for the single player experience and the other for the multiplayer experience, it brings up an argument which so called Sony fanboys have against the console. This argument is that the 360 needs extra discs to occupy the same amount of space that a Blu-ray disc can hold. With games multiple discs have been used for the majority of its popularity, dating back from the days of the floppy disc. Continuing to the current generation of consoles and I expect it to continue to the next generation (the successors to the 360, PS3 and the Wii).

So onto the 360, there are a few multi disc games current ones include Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean and Blue Dragon, the former uses 4 discs and the latter two use 3. So with upcoming games we have Halo ODST coming on 2 discs one for the campaign and the fire fight mode and the second for the complete Halo 3 multiplayer experience, Forza 3 uses 2 discs where one is an install disc and the other is the rest of the game, and finally the recent announcement of RAGE possibly going down the same route. In regards to the Halo ODST multi disc there is a clear cut reason, the amount of discs is warranted by the amount of maps made for the game.

With the PS3 as far as I have seen is that to get the best out of the Blu-ray format with current technology, an install of the game is necessary, which is why I havenít heard much of an outcry against Forza 3ís method. With the PS3 I wouldnít be surprised if there was a game using more than 1 disc in the near future.

With games in the past I didnít see Nintendo 64 fans claiming that the Final fantasy games came on more than one disc, nope because the argument is fairly silly. Another argument would be that other forms of media do not complain about the use of multiple discs. Look at the sales of films or Television series, do buyers complain if a dvd comes on more than one disc... no. Blu-ray movies and box-sets have used multiple discs also, so why do they complain.

To finalise are you really lazy enough to not warrant getting up, moving a small distance towards your TV and console, opening the disc tray taking out the disc, and replacing it with another disc, it is the exact same principle as changing from one game to another, I have never heard or read of someone complaining that one game isnít enough for a disc.

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