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Patters avatar 3:20 PM on 08.12.2009  (server time)
Gaming Podcasts.

Destructoidís Podtoid
OK I thought I would start with the site where I would be posting this. I have only listened to a couple of the episodes of this podcast, so this may not be the best judgement of it. I like the Podcast in principle; however I have a few problems with it. Podcasts done by phone sound terrible (I know it is a practical solution), maybe higher quality mics would help but Iím not sure. What the presenters have to say is interesting and reasonably humorous but as I mentioned before the sound quality makes it almost unlistenable to me. The length of the Ďcast is about right too. I just feel that Podcasts with less presenters, which are done in person are better overall.

Giant Bombcast

Another one which I havenít listened to all of the Ďcasts. This one is done by a smaller amount of presenters, in a single room. This makes the whole thing more listenable to me. I myself donít read the site, but got recommended it by several people from different places, so I gave it a chance. I donít regret this. The presenters are well informed and put across their opinions pretty well. One problem with this Ďcast is that it is usually too long, for my sweet spot (between 80 and 100 minutes). So by all means not a perfect podcast, but a pretty decent one.

Start Select UK

A UK based video podcast, which in my opinion is the weakest of those which I am including on this article. The Main presenter is a little unlikable from my perspective. They do not put across their opinions very well or even at all. The actual Ďcast itself is short, so cannot contain much content, which is disappointing; this is understandable with video taking up more server space than audio would. I canít recommend this unfortunately, even though it is done by fellow Brits.

Bungie Podcast
The only one which is a studio specific. The Ďcast is not periodic, but when it is released it is enjoyable. Again it is another one out of my specific sweet spot in length. But they have interesting discussions with regards to what is happening with their projects. Recently (on the most recent release) they had Nathan Fillion in as a guest, who happens to be a fan of the Halo series as well as an actor on both Halo 3 and Halo ODST. If you are a fan of Bungies work I would listen to this as the Humour and information divulged are both in good quantities.

Idle Thumbs Podcast

Finally I will finish with my favourite gaming podcast. This is mainly PC centric, with small segments regarding to console games. The Humour is pretty much perfect for me with both carried on jokes as well as others which are fairly childish. The presenters have got clear and strong views on both current, past and future games, which can be positive or negative, all of which are interesting independent of whether you agree with them or disagree. There are a lot of references to classic games from the old lucasarts games among others. This usually, is the perfect length.

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