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Patrick The Human avatar 3:30 PM on 10.20.2013  (server time)
Dear D-Toid: Another Story

I just got finished reading another c-blog called Dear D-Toid. It was from a long time D-Toid reader, which I am not. I've only been around for about a year, if that. Anyways, this reader is not happy about the current affairs of this site. So I've decided to tell the story of how I got here, and what I think of D-Toid.

First thing first, I'm probably younger than the average D-Toid reader. I didn't grow up with a NES. Or a SNES. Or even an N64. I grew up with a GameCube. As such, I also grew up with gaming journalism beyond magazines. I had the internet. And I also had a site called Joystiq. 

For a while, that was the only gaming site I visited, and it had some pretty awesome original articles, all the writers had personalities, and the community was pretty okay. It was from there I also discovered Go Nintendo. Since I only had a Wii and a DS from their respective launches until much later, I stopped visiting Joystiq. Until I got a PS3. 

When I got a PS3, I realized that I had been missing out on so much. Naturally, I began wanting to here more news about it. When the next big game was launching, when there's a good sale and so on and so forth. So I began visiting Joystiq again. And while some of the personalities left and original articles disappeared, the community was more or less the same until something called Project Cafe leaked out.

While I had (and still am) been having fun with my PS3, I've always been a Nintendo fanboy. That's not a good thing to be on Joystiq. They have a bit of a bias. That's a lie. They have a HUGE bias. When Skyward Sword came out and it was reviewed poorly because they couldn't be bothered to learn the controls, I gave up. It was the last straw. I headed on a long pilgrimage, one that was riddled with name calling, bias, and just plain stupidity. No dysentery, though, so there's that much at least.

For a year I was drifting in and out of sites. GameSpot. IGN. Kotaku. GamesRadar. You name it, I visited it. But I never stayed. None of them felt like the home I have at Go Nintendo, or the one I once had at Joystiq. Then, one day, Go Nintendo hosted a video by some some short and fat guy named Jonathon Holmes. Maybe you've heard of him? 

Destructoid was and IS what I was looking for. Editors with personalities? Yup. Funny original stuff? Yup. A great community? Oh, HELL yes. The writer of the other Dear D-Toid article thought that "And dicks" disappeared. But it didn't. It's like an unspoken creed. Most, if not everyone here, has gotten into a debate about vidjea gamez sometime and somewhere. But here a D-Toid, we'll also make each other laugh about them. "And dicks" is still here in the spirit of D-Toid and in our hearts. That's right. There's a big dick in your heart, but don't be ashamed of it. Let it out. Those big heart penises (penesi?) are why I'm glad to call D-toid my virtual home. 

P.S. Jonathon Holmes is neither short or fat. In fact, Jonathon Holmes may be the sexiest man alive. If there was Jonathon Holmes plushies I would buy twenty.

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