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Review: Kirby Mass Attack

Kirbyís Mass Attack for DS features ingredients common to great video games, but it just doesnít manage to get them together. The title offers vibrant graphics and a classic Nintendo character (Kirby), but thatís where the...


Halo isn't as good as I remember

Iíve always had a strange attachment to the Halo franchise. For me, Halo: Combat Evolved was the game of high school. Everyone was playing it and cafeteria conversations always somehow ended up being Halo related. But latel...


Club Nintendo finally doesnít suck

Okay, maybe Ďsuckí is a strong word Ė because Club Nintendo does have some cool rewards Ė but the items are highly subjective. Unless youíre twelve or otherwise into stickers, posters, and other Nintendo related swag, there...


Review Ė Kirbyís Return To Dreamland

Kirbyís Return To Dreamland is possibly the easiest game Iíve played in my entire life. Usually this is a bad thing, but in this titleís case, itís simplicity and ease actually works in its favour. The gameís levels are va...


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I'm a Ryerson University Journalism graduate and freelance Journalist/Blogger extraordinaire with a soft spot for video games and technology.

I've been gaming my entire life and blog extensively about my travels through gamedom on my website
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Gaming is me, without video games I really can't define my self as a human being - it's a somewhat sad reality but oh so very true.

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