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Passionate Styos avatar 10:12 AM on 06.03.2008  (server time)
Necros Is Pretentious: How MGS reminded me that Konami makes games other than Castlevania.

Aha! You thought I was going to write something about Castlevania eh? Well, since this contest have a similar topic with the current Monthly Musing, I decided to leave my favorite franchise for the MM. Anyway! Here's my take for Necros contest and I hope you enjoy this story, it may not be that long or as well written, but hey! Free games is always good for me.

It was a hot summer of 1999 in Chile and I've already finished another year at school. As usual, I was saving money to buy a PS1 game and ready to play another great game. I have to be honest though, I never had a PS1 so my only way to play these games was doing it in my PC with a emulator. I know it's wrong, but at least I was buying the original games.

So I went to my favorite independent gaming store and the first thing I saw was there was just one copy of Metal Gear Solid already at discount. I couldn't let myself slip that oportunity and bought it without thinking it. At home, I just popped in the first CD on my PC and was ready to play.

Since it was a Konami game, I was expecting to be a fun experience with lots of action and such, since I didn't have any other info about the game (didn't have internet nor gaming magazines). As the game started, the first thing I noticed was how it was introduced as it was a film, which left me a bit unsettled for some reason, but as it progressed and get to use the Codec for the first time, I was surprised how incredible the voice acting was. As progressing further, the gameplay was pretty weird for me since the idea was more about hiding than just attacking the first guard you saw. Getting even further, I started to get a bit confused with the story, but it was still enjoyable for a 13 year old pre-teen.

As a game, MGS was something really different for me compared to any other game that I have played before. The production value for this game was beyond than anything that I could have imagined. So many things that grew on me, like the characters, story, gameplay, etc etc...This game made me look games more than just a way to have mindless fun, but that can also deliver a epic experience that other mediums can't. After playing this game so many times during that summer, I was wishing to play more games with an experience similar to my beloved MGS, and even though there were few games like that for the PS1 (i.e. Breath Of Fire 4, which is for me one of my favorite RPGs), MGS still has a special place for my passionate heart.

Well, that's it! I hope the story was well presented as Necros hopes to be.

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