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Passionate Styos avatar 12:17 PM on 04.07.2008  (server time)
Musical Attack Monday: Dale North.

Video games and music has always formed a great union, classic melodies and incredible compositions has been one of my favorite things on gaming. On Musical Attack Monday I will present people who do covers and remixes from video game music and I hope you enjoy it. If you have any suggestion or any idea to improve this series, just let me know.

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In the past week I have found a lot of great remixers, but I just discovered that our good editor Dale North is one as well! I don't know the man himself or what he does or bla bla bla, but I've been pretty impressed by his work, that I can tell. As reading his myspace, he has been doing music since he was a preteen, and have many other projects.

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Ok, let's get into what he does. Mr. North doesn't have a pre-determined style when doing gaming remixes, but, if I had to define a style, that would be experimental. One of my favorites is the song "Needles", a collab between many other remixers, which is a remix of the Stage Theme of Needleman from Megaman 3. It has a latino groove with a touch of salsa that is simply genius.

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Another favorite is Super Mario Sleigh's Ride, which is another collab, with a X-mas theme. This remix is a great Christmas Jazzy style, but with many Mario songs, specially Super Mario World. He can also create sweet melodies like the song "Dale of the Wind", that is, a remix of Valley of the Wind from Xenogears, where the strings and piano will touch your heart with this pro work. Mr.North can get a little bit to experimental at times, as in the the song "SwinginPornoMix", from Super Mario Bros.3, delivering the comedy in music, adding some moans and..other stuff, just listen to it.

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If you want to check his work, go to his page at Ocremix that can be found here. He is also the co-founder of The Oneups, another gaming music band, which also have an approach to different styles and many of their works are incredible (just check Castlevania 3 Clockwork rendition, just do it). Their homepage can be found here. He is also a singer, with a contemporary pop (at least that's what he says on his MySpace). His latest album was "Right Out of the Blue". If you want to hear a bit of his project go to his Myspace that is here.

Mr. North has a prominent future, even though it seems he's more focused on his singer career now, I would love to see more remixes (after all that's what this article is about). Still, I hope he get to his goal, whatever it is...

....More remixes plz.

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