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I am just not that into gaming anymore.

Try as I might, I am typing this instead of playing Darksiders. It is unopened. I will just take it back tomorrow. I recently beat Assassins Creed 2. I went through it in about 20-25 hours. I unlocked all 1000 achievment points. I loved Uncharted 2, but not enough to play it again. I beat MW2 on medium difficulty, but haven't touched it on Veteran or Multi. A little Spec Ops, but that is it. I sleep about 20 hours on my days off. I am so tired. Am I "growing up?" I have been gaming since I was 5. Almost 27 years later and I am more interested in casual experiences. I am excited for Bioshock 2, but I already know how its going to go. Pick it up at midnight sale after a 12 hours shift. Get home, eat dinner with the girl, probably watch either House/24/HIMYM/Heroes/BBT and play for an hour before I fall asleep. I just beat Gears of War 2 on Insane...I bought that at launch.

Do I just have post win blues? Where you focus your attention to one particular title and then are lost for a bit afterwords? Since beating AC2, I have not really devoted much time to any serious gaming. The aforementioned GoW2 and 1v100.

Maybe I am just burned out? I work in video game retail. I talk to people about games, ring them up for games, steer them away from buying used 360 time bombs of sadness. I read Destructoid and other gaming sites and magazines. I am buying Heavy Rain, Bioshock 2 in the next few weeks, but I have yet to play Dragon Age and even Fallout 3, even though I bought the expansion content. WTH on that btw.

Anyone else feel this way? Recommendations?

Freezepop, huzzah. As I tye this, you will have to excuse any typos or misspellings, as I am quite hung over. They were super cool. I ended up chatting with them about music games, drinks and etc. We closed the bar down. I got some signed swag. They ended up doodling and writing weird stuff an my amplitude, frequency, GH1 and 2 instruction manuals. I had a blast. Come back to Ithaca soon!!!

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11:20 PM on 10.16.2008

Freezepop in Ithaca NY.

I will be getting green room access, here is to harrasing and generally filling the band with malaise. Posting pictures after the show. Hopefully will be getting my music games autographed.