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FUCK YOU KONAMI! What have you done?

Seriously everyone at Konami just go and kill yourself. After 11 years you finally decided to bring my favorite game series over to the US and decided to turn it into an abomination like this: First the news about Pop'n Musi...


Rate that dungeon: Persona 3

With this I am starting a series of blog posts about RPG dungeons. While playing Eternal Sonata I realised, that almost every dungeon in that game is shit and I came up with the idea of rating every dungeon in a game on a 1-...


Get your Noby Noby Boy update!

I wasn't expecting too much from the Noby Noby Boy multiplayer update and was really surprised to see that much added to the game. Of course there is offline multiplayer for up to four people, but there are also different B...


Persona 3 starts in two days.

Two weeks ago I asked in the forums if anybody would love to participate in a simultaniously playthrough of Persona 3 on a daily or weekly basis. So if you don't read the forums or missed the thread, here's what I wrote: ...


dress for PS3 is out in Japan.

Yes, I know. You have all been waiting for this "game". It's 2000 Yen, which is certainly way too much money for a simple dress up thing. Apparently in the future dress will be supported by home, so you can actually wear the stuff from dress in home. Also 4 new PSOne games in the Game Archives: - Pop'n Pop - G-Police - Monster Farm Jump - Tantei Jinguji Saburo - Mikan no Lupo


The week in PSN updates: QOREtastic

After last week with no update at all. We actually get two new games. And also new QORE: Qoretastic may be one of the worst words ever. JAPAN: Jan 5th: * Naruto trailer Jan 8th: * Cross Edge custom themes (will they ever ...


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Hello Destructoid people. My name is Lasse and I'm from the country of beer and sausages: Germany. I prefer strange Japanese games. My favorite series of all time is Pop'n Music, which I'm still bad at and can't clear anything above a difficulty rating of 38. BEMANI FOR LIFE!

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