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7:59 PM on 04.27.2009

Does the Half-Life series have the potential to tell the greatest video game story of all time?

Okay, so I was thinking during school, and had to write the idea down. I was thinking, does the Half-Life series have the potential to tell the greatest video game story of all time? I am eventually going to write an article about this, but honestly, I needed some of your guys' input and help as I can't really organize all of my thoughts and pick a side or not.

Here's where I'm coming from with the fact that it could tell the greatest video game story of all time:
-The fact that it's based on the source engine, and anyone can develop for it. People can create their own twists on the game with stories (eg: Riot Act)
-The game has a massive environment, and everything is pretty differentiated enough from everything.
-The game already comes packed with a great story and some narrative, and although everything seems to advance at a longer pace than most games, it's an experience unlike any other.
-The game interacts with OTHER games like Portal, and all of the stories intertwine when you least expect it.

Okay, so now why I'm kind of opposed to the fact that the half-life series couldn't live up to what I'm dreaming about:
-There isn't that much narrative in the story. I mean, you fight, talk, and advance, but when the narrative does come, it hits you hard.
-It's sometimes hard to keep track of the story at times. If you haven't played the original Half-Life, then that's one thing that you're missing in the series. But the game really leaves a lot of the ideas being expressed and exemplified in the half-life series up to you. You know what's going on, while at the same time, you really don't have any idea.

That's pretty much it. I'm really just looking to get your opinions on the subject, and if the Half-Life series could really be one of the greatest stories told in video games, if not in general. What do you guys think?   read

11:50 AM on 08.08.2008

Nintendo’s Online Situation

Alright, I’ll be the first to say that Nintendo is my favorite handheld and console maker out of them, Sony, and Microsoft. But that’s not to say the Microsoft isn’t in a really close second. With Nintendo and SOME third parties putting out some really cool and innovative games, you’d think that Nintendo would have an online structure like that of Microsoft. Microsoft has already shown us about they’re motion controller, and how they’re going to Mii-like avatars. They’re also re-designing the 360’s dashboard to look more like the Wii. So pretty much….they’re taking a lot of ideas from Nintendo huh? Well, if the 360 can do that, why can’t Nintendo take some of the ideas behind the 360’s online service, and implement that into they’re handhelds and consoles? I wouldn’t be bad if they changed some of the stuff, and made it “Nintendo like”. But by the next-gen consoles, Nintendo is still going to be behind, it will probably have some of the things that the 360 has, but it will still be lacking. Come ON Nintendo! It can’t be that hard to do at least some kind of thing such as an online infrastructure for your consoles. Well, what do you guys think?   read

11:34 AM on 07.18.2008

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Review

Alright, let me start off by saying that I’m a huge fan of not only the Final Fantasy Tactics series, but I’m also a huge fan of tactics games in general, so I’ll try to give this game a fair review of what it deserves, and not that I just love it. I’m already about 23 hours into the game, completing over 70 missions, so I think I can give it a good, fair review. Oh, and this is the first time I've ever reviewed a game, so don't bash it too much. ;)

So if you’ve played any of the other Final Fantasy Tactics games, like the GBA, PSP, or PS1, you’ll notice right away that the graphical style, and how everything is played out that it is definitely a FFT game. You star off just like the previous Final Fantasy Tactics game on the Gameboy Advance. You start off with the main protagonist (named Luso, but you can change that), and he is a trouble maker in school so on the last day of school, his teacher orders him to help clean up the library (I know, what an ass hole). So while you’re cleaning, you stumble upon a book that, once you write your name in it, it transports you to a different world called Ivalice. You start off with, wait…..not text, but a battle (strange, especially for a Final Fantasy game). You get used to the controls, and by the time you’re done with the battle, you know how to pretty much do everything in battle (especially if you’ve played some of the games before). Then, obviously like every other Final Fantasy Tactics games, you go through some more talking between characters, and you just learn a little more about the characters.

If you’ve played previous games, the graphical style is pretty much the same, but if you’re really looking for a big graphics bump, then you’re going to be really disappointed. It looks pretty much the same as the GBA one, except with a little, and I mean little extra bump here and there. Not to say that the graphics are bad, but they definitely aren’t being utilized as much as I think that they could (although I know the memory storage on a DS cartridge isn’t that big). Then there’s the gameplay, if you’ve played any of the other Final Fantasy Tactics games, you’ll know exactly how to control the characters, and move around without any trouble, and it’s not even that hard to learn, which makes the whole game a little more accessible to people that maybe haven’t played any games in the series, or any tactical games at all.

Like in the GBA Final Fantasy Tactics game, you had a set of three laws, but if you got far enough in the game, you could buy cards to disband those laws. Well, in this game, I’m sorry to say that the law system is back, but it’s not as bad as the GBA game, because you only have one law, but I do not yet know of a way to get rid of it. You also can have a privilege, which you get to choose after putting your characters onto the field. These can include simple ones such as Power up, MP Regain, and Always counter. There’s also no jail when you break a law, so you don’t have to worry about those damn yellow and red cards, and paying a fine if you get too many. Now, the only thing that happens is that the laws are disbanded and so are your privileges, and also if any of your people die in combat, you cannot revive them. Hopefully in the next game in the series there won’t be any of those laws and only privileges (although I don’t think that will be happening soon).

As acclaimed on the box, there are over 300 missions, and the whole game is suppose to last hundreds of hours (although I think I could get it in 150 ). I’d definitely think that this is a must play if you’re a DS owner, and like either Final Fantasy Tactics games, or just tactics games in general, it is a must buy. If you’ve never played tactics games before, then I’d say if you have the spare time and money, you should try it out, because it’s a great game to play whenever, and the story is pretty great.   read

8:45 PM on 06.30.2008

The start of the Affair: Final Fantasy Tactics

I'm sorry this is so short, but I know that they're going to change the topic pretty soon, so I kind of typed this on my way home from vacation. Thanks!

Eeek! I’m a little late on the monthly topic huh? Well, it took me a little while to actually think of something to post because being 14, I’m quiet younger than a lot of you, so I wasn’t really around for the release of the NES, or Super Mario Bros., or anything like that, but what I am going to talk about, which is a franchise that I know tons of people hate, but I happen to love this spin-off in the series, which is Final Fantasy Tactics.

Now, when I was little(er), and when the PS1 and the original Final Fantasy Tactics game came out, I didn’t have it, hell, I didn’t even own a PS1, so I didn’t play the original game till’ after I played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the Game boy Advance. I first got FFTA when it came out on Christmas, and the only reason I really wanted it is because It just looked kind of fun, spells, weapons, monsters, everything that a 10 year-old kid would like. I got it, and was instantly addicted to it. I played through the main game (the story part of it), in about 100 hours, with completing roughly 100 or so quests. That took me about a couple months, so I thought, why not spend some more time playing through all the quests, and maxing out all of my characters. So I set out to do that. I beat every single quests in the game, got all the unlockable characters, but soon realized that I couldn't’ max out my characters stats without spending my whole life into it. So leaving about all the characters in my clan at around level 60, with the best weapons and spells possible, I decided to put the game down, after roughly 150 put into it.

After that, I researched the series some more, and saw that the original game was out on the PS1, and by that time I was 11 and had a PS2 so I decided to go out to all the gaming stores and outlets to see if I could find it. After a long time, I decided that it was going to be impossible, so I gave up for a couple of months until I went on vacation to Spokane, Washington. There I have a friend that owns an independently owned gaming store, so I went in there to see what was up, and to check out some games. There I instantly saw the original Final Fantasy Tactics. It was $39.99, and I had the money so I bought it then and there. Also, I had brought my PS2 with me so that I could play some games early in the morning and at night. After about a month, I beat the game, the quests, and got all the characters in my clan to around level 50 or so. Feeling a little tactically exhausted I decided that it was good that they weren’t coming out with another one for a little while.

After a year of doing some other gaming, and schoolwork and getting some money, I decided to get the PS1 remake of Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP. I bought it, but there was one problem……I didn’t have a PSP. DAMN! Well, luckily I had a friend that had a PSP, so I asked him if I could borrow it from him, and he asked me how long I would have it, and not wanting to lie to him because he’s my friend, I told him……..100 hours? He thought I was crazy, but he wasn’t that into gaming, so I borrowed it, and loved every single second of the game. Again, I beat all the quests, got my characters stats stacked, and then put it down.

Then, after reading about the new Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift for the DS, and seeing tons of art and screenshots, I decided that it was a definite buy, but I already had a DS, so it was all good. I got the game a couple of days ago, and have only put about 15 hours into it, and have completed 26 quests, and I’d have to say that the game easily lives up to what the series has done so far, but I can’t really compare it to any of it’s counterpart games because of the lack of time that I’ve actually played it. I will hopefully have enough played by Friday that I can write a review of it, and post it so that I can tell you guys how good the game and series really is. If your into tactics games at all this is definitely a must buy.   read

7:52 PM on 05.27.2008

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Impressions

Yes okay, I know I'm a little late on the band-wagon, and haven't picked up Advance Wars: Days of Ruin yet, but money has been a problem, because I have to pay for hosting on all my sites, then pay to maintain them, so I haven't had a lot of money for new games, but despite all that I got Advance Wars: Days of Ruin when it was on sale, and I'd like to give my impressions about it so far.

Okay, first of all, the game looks great especially for being pretty much 2D and on the DS, and it really shows that they put a lot of work into the game. When you first start off, unlike the other games, you are introduced into a big story, and it really kind of make you think of how big the game is really going to be. You start off with a simple battle, that gets you used to how everything goes in the game (but I've played through and beaten all of the other ones, so I already know how it works), and it makes it really easy for anyone who hasn't already played it or any other games in the series to pick it up and play. After a couple missions in (I'm only at mission 10 right now), it's gets kind of hard, and you actually have to think of what your doing before you do it, and plan your moves out (especially in fog). Battles/Missions for me usually take from 20-40 minutes in the latter ones, and can be strenuous and tedious.

Wi-Fi is pretty good, and I've only played a couple of people, but there are definitely some kick-ass players out there, and even though you may lose a lot, it's still a lot more relaxing than the main game, and it's nice to take your mind off the main story for a while.   read

5:15 PM on 05.21.2008

Castlevania 3D, can they do it right?

Alright, so everybody that knows and loves Castlevania should know, or should think that all of the 2D ones are pure amazing, and are probably the best made, both graphically and story wise, and the 3D ones are just crappy. I've played through tons of the 2D Castlevania games, and only one 3D one, which was Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness for the Nintendo 64. To tell you the truth, I thought at that time they were going to keep on making all of the Castlevania games 3D, and they were just going to ruin the series from there on out. That obviously has not been true, and I'm happy to see that for the main part they're keeping the series as 2D (like it should be). Right now I personally think that all of the 2D Castlevania games have been great, and I've loved every single one of them, but 3D just never quiet ticked for me. For all of you that kind of agree with me, that the 3D Castlevania games are just plane shit, do you think that if Konami does indeed make a new 3D one, that they can do it right, or will it be just as bad as the other ones?   read

4:09 PM on 05.07.2008

Has GTA IV Lived up to ALL of your expectations?

Okay, so I'll be the first to say that I haven't played the game yet, but am planning on getting it and playing the hell out of it soon. I don't have a lot of money just now buying my new laptop which makes me sad, but I have a question for all of you people in destructoid land. has GTA IV really lived up to all of your expectations? I mean the game has been in development for a while, tons of expectations were set, graphics, game play, and other stuff, but was it really want you wanted and hoped for in the end, and is it definitely worth the money that you shell out for it? I'm going to get it and play it no matter what and I'm sure that it's going to be great, and I'm never going to go outside for a week, but what do you guys think?   read

3:49 PM on 05.01.2008

Would You Buy a PS3 or 360 for GTA IV?

Okay, I've yet to actually play GTA IV, but I had a couple of friends and people that I knew said that they were going to buy either a PS3 or an Xbox 360 JUST for Grand Theft Auto IV. Is it really worth it seeing how much you'd spend on the whole console and then just one game? I definitely know I wouldn't if it was just GTA IV. I guess with how good the actual game is suppose to be, and the good graphics and length of the game, it would probably be worth it, but it's just a lot for the average person or student to spend. Would you guys pay for a PS3 or Xbox 360 just to get GTA IV?   read

3:45 PM on 04.28.2008

What necessary foods or drinks do you need to game?

I was thinking about this the other day, and what was necessary for me to actually game, or be a gamer. You have the stuff like the consoles, games, place and all of that, but what foods or drinks do you guys need to play games and be a gamer. For me I need to have at least 4 four packs of Monster in the fridge, a whole container of life water, and orange soda. For food, I need chips, any microwaveable foods, and KFC food. So what foods or drinks do you guys need to game?   read

5:50 PM on 04.26.2008

Mobile Phone gaming...popular or not?

So there's tons of different types of games coming out on mobile phones, and there are a lot that are obviously not really good, but there are some that ARE good, if you give it a chance, but is mobile phone gaming really that popular, or are developers just putting games out on mobile phones to help make that extra cash? I just downloaded my first mobile phone game officially a couple days ago, and it was "Tower Bloxx 3D". I heard it was a pretty popular game, and that it was fun and addictive, so I decided to check it out. You just stack blocks on top of each other to make a tower, then you place it on a square in your town, your population grows, and your town status goes up. That's the only game that I've bought, and I don't know why, but DDR and Final Fantasy don't seem like they'd work really good on a mobile phone. What do you guys think about this? Is mobile phone gaming actually pretty popular, and are any of you guys mobile phone gamers?   read

3:45 PM on 04.23.2008

Is anyone here excited for The Sims 3?

Okay, so I know it's probably one of the least hardcore games, besides like brain training games, but is anyone here really excited for The Sims 3? I bought the second one because it was the first one that I've played, and I liked it and still play it today, but it's just not a game that you can play for a short amount of time, you really have to put a se hour or so into playing it and advancing in it. So is anyone here going to buy or is excited for The Sims 3? I'm kind of excited, and the game looks great and I'm sure is going to be fun, but I probably won't buy it for a couple of months after it comes out, as I'm just buying it as a casual game. What do you guys think? Are you excited, does it interest you, and are you going to buy it?   read

10:36 AM on 04.22.2008

Next Golden Sun - DS or Wii?

So which console do you want the next Golden Sun game to come out on (if they make one)? More than likely it will be either the Nintendo DS, or Wii, but which one will be right for the next installment in the series? Personally, I think that the Wii would be great with the motion control, but I dont think that It would work to well going around the over world all the time with just motion control. On the DS, Id like it on there because obviously its portable, and you can take it wherever you want, and I think that the controls would lend themselves perfectly to the DS. I personally think the DS would be a better choice, but either way, you still get a new Golden Sun game out of the deal.   read

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