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Paper Bag Lady's blog

2:44 PM on 02.10.2010

Insider? What insider?!

Someone posted a comment on my beautifully pointless first blog, asking how I lost my insider status. It's not the most interesting story, but I'm sure two... yeah, two people would like to find out.

Well, it's about who you know, as with all inside jobs. My little sister's best friend's older brother (phew!) got a job with Ubisoft, and moved to Montpellier. I was quite close to him, so I kept in contact, and recieved loads of Ubi-info as a result.
Eventually, he gets to working with Michel Ancel, and THIS is how I got really into Rayman and BG&E. They're still two of my all time favourites, even today with so much 'competition'. At this time, I was posting anonymous gossip on various gaming sites under various profiles with various adresses. Quite a few Beyond Good and Evil rumours were, in fact, publicised by me, myself and I.

To be honest, I was too young to really think of myself as an insider. No gaming sites approached me (probably because I was untrackable), and I was never the gamiest of people. And I wasn't actually the insider - it was my mate. He just gave the info to me instead. But he always called me the 'petite Sakura' (a japanese term for a person who is 'planted' to get information) so I guess he considered me a mole...

I was *ahem* exiled after the announcement of Rayman Raving Rabbids. Basically, it was purportedly my friend who went into the Montpellier office one morning, and told people about his 'bunny dream'. Nowadays I figure that's a lie put around, but at the time I was convinced. I asked him about this, and voiced my opposition to a mini-game collection. He said it wasn't any big deal. I said it was. He said it wasn't. I told him Ubisoft made trash, and this would be their crowning glory. He got slightly miffed about that - probably because I blamed him for the whole Rabbid thing.
Well, our friendship sadly deteriorated after that, and I lost the benefit of Ubi-info. So now, I'm just your average random poster. 'Tis a sad tale, non?


Wow. I really can't write! ^^ Haters, have a free shitstorm. Only it won't be big enough to be a storm.
A second of shit drizzle, then.

LLAMAS for the win, what.
The Lady of Paper Bag   read

10:00 AM on 02.04.2010

It's the first! Welcome to the internet trashbin, PBL!

Um... I don't think I was built to write blog posts. I'm not very interesting, smart-ass, witty etc. or anything else you need to be to blog.
And I guess doing some random, never-to-be-read-and-will-therefore-collect-cyber-dust-in-a-corner blog on a discredited gaming website - yes it IS discredited, I am looked at quite strangely by people when they realise I visit here - is a perfectly boring pastime which will nevertheless require thought. But, hey, life's like that.

I don't really need to do a 'first post' thingy actually. Look, it's the ABOUT ME section, all filled out so people know how inadequate I am. Which renders what I'm doing right NOW obsolete. *sigh*

Okies, then. I'll post when there's something I want to post about.
See ya, homes.

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