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Scary Granules: Episode 2 - All about the Irelands!

by Panzadolphin56   //   7:37 AM on 11.04.2012

Picture the scene - flowing fields of green, green, grass sweep before you, trees rustle in a light wind, a single blackbird perches on an old stone wall pecking at the moss as the ground disappears behind you, then you see it, in the middle of the field ahead of you, singular, alone and prominently stood tall...

A potato.

YES, that's right folks, this week's episode of Scary Granules comes straight from the depths of all things tubular!!


In honour of co-founding podcaster and part-time granny-botherer Glowbear buggering off to Ireland for a bit (what the hell is family?!) this weeks episode is Ireland themed!

...i.e. just an excuse for me to put really racist stuff in the show post!

:D :D :D :D

So bask in the leprechauns,

Brad Pitt's terrible accent,

and the ol' tricolour,

while we make a miserable attempt to entertain!*

In this week's show we talk about XCOM a little more, indie games like Xenonauts and Prison Architect are chattered about, Glowbear regales us with her Slender experiences, and we discuss the torrid secret of where Superman 4 was REALLY filmed.

(atleast bits of it.)

We also introduce an exciting new segment that probably won't come up again because we have no idea where to go with it! Not to mention making some classy film suggestions and discussing the possibility of games developers getting tax breaks in the UK. And don't worry, we ramble loads.

And the best part of the show?

Nobody died this week!

Enjoy the show.

Scary Granules: Episode 2 - All about the Irelands

DOWNLOAD HERE - http://sdrv.ms/U0HRvB

Credit goes to Dr Rockyowitz for providing us with our break song, find more of his music at:

If you do want to talk at us (god, what is wrong with you people?!) we can be found at the usual places or here... cause this is my account. And please, stop touching the wallpaper, you're getting it greasy O_O



*disclaimer: Brad Pitts and Leprechauns sold separately.

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