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CROSSOVER: Mario X Siren

by Panzadolphin56   //   9:55 AM on 10.03.2012

And the original (much larger)

Mario always sounds so goddamn chipper all the time in his games, for no apparent reason. It bugs me, nobody's that happy - atleast not without medication.

The only way I could really think of to break somebody like that was to put him in a psychological horror game, and force him to brutally murder his friends and family over and over again until he can solve a series of unrelated, unexplained puzzles that make little or no sense without a walkthrough.

Yeah... he'll break, eventually.


I wasn't going to do anything for this month but then I had this idea and couldn't stop laughing so I knew I had to draw it. I just can't get the mental image of Mario sobbing in a corner, as he pops pills in a futile attempt to dull the memory of having to kill everybody he knows repeatedly, out of my head.

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