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My name is Zorn.
Actually, it is my last name, but it sounds way cooler than "Josh" so let's just say my name is Zorn.

I'm 17 and enjoy gaming when I get the time.
As for the Console War I would have to go with my 360. Other than that PC all the way.

2:30 AM on 04.11.2008

I don't know if this has been posted yet, and no, I haven't checked or read the front page today or yesterday.

"See if you can follow this reasoning: WoW has ten million players, which is nice and all, but there are actually 800 million teens in the world. Therefore, since Blizzard hasn't reached even 10% of them (80 million), WoW is not actually a success. That's what Craig Sherman of Gaia Online (a casual, browser-based MMO) said to folks at the M16 Marketing conference in San Francisco this week. He claims that WoW's subscription fee has hampered its growth, and that it would be even bigger if there was a free-to-play model." - WoW Insider

I think this guys way of measuring success is retarded. It's like saying "MOAR PPL PLAY SOLITAR THAN WORLD OF WARCRAFT SO SOLITAR HAS IS BETTR SUCCES"

And what makes this guy think Blizzard is trying to target teens?

And making WoW free to play (f2p)? There's a reason Blizzard charges a per-monthly fee. Updates, Patches, New servers, their new HQ. I believe in a saying, and that saying is "You get what you pay for".
I'd rather pay $15 a month for a game with substance and quality than play something like Gaia Online.

I just don't see how he can make the claim that World of Warcraft isn't a successful MMO.

I think a majority of the people are with me when I say "Gaiafag".

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