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Pangloss avatar 11:35 AM on 08.02.2012  (server time)
We Legend Now: Episode 2 live tonight!

Hey gang, we’re gonna be streaming We Legend Now Episode 2, live tonight at 9pm EST/6pm PST on Streamtoid. For those just joining us, this weekly show is six guys (including some really old hands from around Dtoid) playing Legend, a very fun d20 RPG that’s in open beta, on a virtual tabletop for your and our amusement.

We’re a little sore about having started our first session three weeks ago, and due to personnel issues having no show and then a show that didn’t involve our usual campaign, setting, characters, or GM (that one didn’t turn out as well). So we’re very eager to get back to business as usual with our normal characters tonight.

Stop on by to watch the spectacular, highly improbable, and frequently ill-advised misadventures of a stupid dragon, a pyromaniac healer, a brain-damaged sniper, a smarmy demon con man, and a douchebag prettyboy angel.

Also, in lieu of normal viewer comments, feel free to suggest completely ridiculous and/or stupid characters in the comments, and we will tell you how it is completely possible to build them in Legend.

(See my other posts on the show and Legend in general here)

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