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Pangloss avatar 4:15 PM on 07.26.2012  (server time)
We Legend Now: Episode 1.5 Live Tonight

So yes, we didnít have a show last week. I know, I noticed. The bad news is that the same personnel problems that led to last week being cancelled are present this week, which means Ryu canít run his usual campaign. The good news, however, is that there will still be a show tonight, 6pm PST/9pm EST over on Streamtoid.

Specifically, I am taking the reigns to run some PvP (still using the Legend system) with some mid-level characters. Our usual cast is here, with the unfortunate absence of one king3vbo, and theyíve rolled up some, er, interesting characters for your viewing pleasure. They will square off in 2v2 combat in a scenario and setting of my design, and I plan to make them suffer.

So stop on by, watch us battle it out in a great little d20 RPG system, on a great virtual tabletop client, while we swear, draw obscene pictures on the pretty maps, mock each othersí builds, and discuss our unhealthy interest in Charles Barkley.

My previous blogs about We Legend Now:
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P.S.: I guess usually when I'm on a stream/podcast we'd solicit your stupid questions, but in this case I will ask that you propose the most ridiculous RPG characters you can imagine, and we will tell you how to build them in Legend. If your idea is particularly rad, we may use it the next time we do PvP. Tell me about how much you want to see a Raptor Demoman in the comments, please.

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